100 Facts About Me!

** Updated as if 12/2019 🙂 **

Hi My Friends!

It dawned on me the other day, as I was staring at my homepage, that I never created an “About Me” page on my blog. Perhaps subconsciously I have been trained to be humble from a very young age, and so to brag about yourself so openly is deeply frowned upon. Whatever the reason may be, I began to scratch my head and figured that I would finally make one. 🙂 Of course, then I had no idea what to write about myself. So what do we do when we’re completely stumped? We Google stuff! lol. So here are 100 facts about me and I hope it gives you more insight as to who I am. Enjoy friends!

100 Facts About Me

  1. I’m 36 years old. Penny is just my pen name. I’m usually just called Kitten in my real life! ❤
  2. I live in California, USA
  3. I’m a hybrid Little. I’m a Little but sometimes I gravitate towards consensual slavery in my more mature sub-space.
  4. I’ve been involved in the lifestyle for almost 6 years actively
  5. I’m married to my husband for 8 years.
  6. My husband is also my dominant! 🙂
  7. My favorite season is Fall
  8. I love to cook
  9. I speak Taglish (a mixture of Tagalog/Filipino and English)
  10. I am American and my husband is Filipino
  11. My favorite color is White
  12. Being out on the ocean is my happy spot.
  13. I have 3 plushies. Mutsy (a puppy) is my favorite.
  14. I also sleep with a blankie.
  15. I love photography.
  16. I love all kinds of music, especially EDM and Sea Shanties.
  17. Speaking of sea shanties, I love to go sailing!
  18. My favorite food to cook is curry! I also love a big pot of soup.
  19. I have a cat who lives outside named Cosmos.
  20. One personal goal of mine is to host Cg/l Workshops around the U.S.
  21. My preferred workout is yoga or swimming.
  22. Snuggles are the best!
  23. I don’t watch much TV or movies because it’s hard to sit still.
  24. I do love gaming though, and have played MMORPG’s for over a decade.
  25. Writing is cathartic for me and I feel most relaxed when I’m blogging.
  26. My favorite physical feature on myself is probably my eyes.
  27. I have green eyes 🙂
  28. I love texting with bunches of emojis. They make everything feel happier.
  29. The most important thing is my life is my family.
  30. I really want to visit Ireland one day.
  31. My favorite Little Space snack is: Cheez-It’s
  32. My favorite Little Space show to watch is: Oswald on YouTube
  33. My favorite Little Space activity is coloring on the “Happy Color” app.
  34. I am very much a morning person and wake up early daily.
  35. But since I burn easily, my favorite time of day is the evening. 😉
  36. My favorite ice cream flavor is Oreo or Mint Chocolate Chip!
  37. I blush a lot when talking to people.
  38. My favorite way to pass the time is: reading (I’m a total bookworm) or working on my blog.
  39. I love aromatherapy.
  40. I’m not scared of heights, but I’m terrified of spiders and snakes. Eep!
  41. I prefer wide, open spaces and struggle with large crowds.
  42. I do have anxiety and speak openly about it since I’ve been working on my mental health for over a decade.
  43. While I am a submissive, I am also a feminist… a liberal… and basically a crunchy hippie.
  44. My parents were also hippies when they were young 🙂
  45. I absolutely love Oldies (50s/60s) music, thanks to my dad ❤
  46. I don’t smoke or drink. Once in a great, great while I might have a cocktail… but that’s about it.
  47. I have never drank soda either. (Weird, I know!). I just drink water or Builders Tea with cream and sugar.
  48. I’m a democrat but I’m not big into politics. I prefer just being kind to all people.
  49. I’m more of an introvert, but if you get me talking I can open up pretty easily.
  50. I wouldn’t consider myself high maintenance, but I do enjoy shopping.
  51. I don’t like to drive.
  52. My 2nd favorite activity (after going to the beach) is feeding animals at a local farm here.
  53. My biggest flaw is probably… being impatient? I’m pretty impatient at times, but I’m working on it.
  54. My biggest strength is being organized. I am very meticulous about dates, times, appointments, etc.
  55. My conflict resolution style is: nonviolent communication/compassionate communication and holding space. I really, REALLY dislike yelling.
  56. The person who has left the greatest impact on my life is: my hubby 🙂 We’ve been through a lot together.
  57. My favorite holiday is: Christmas!
  58. My favorite movie is: any musical really. The Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Music Man, etc. or Any Disney Movie…. yes, I know about 98% of them and can sing every song lol.
  59. I don’t have any tattoos, but if I ever get one it will be an anchor on my shoulder blade with the word “Myrmidons” beneath it.
  60. My favorite video game is: Guild Wars 2.
  61. I prefer eating with chopsticks and a spoon (Korean style!).
  62. I am very attuned to smells, so my environment has to smell nice and clean at all times.
  63. I went to college for Early Childhood Education.
  64. Though I don’t think I can dance… I often sing and dance around the house. lol
  65. I’m not very skilled at technology but I’m trying to get better at it! hehe
  66. I love to do arts and crafts of all kinds.
  67. My dream house is one giant library with plushy furniture where I can curl up and get lost in a book for hours.
  68. My favorite cookie is: oatmeal raisin or gingerbread men. (Not too sweet).
  69. My favorite fruit is: perfectly ripe strawberries. Mmmm it’s like nature’s candy. Or avocados… Mmm!
  70. My favorite Filipino food is: lomi! Or Afritada… or bola bola soup… or pancit canton. Gosh, there are so many 🙂
  71. I don’t really drink from a bottle (though I have one). I usually drink from my 64 ounce stainless steel water jug with a giant steel straw.
  72. My favorite piece of Little Space clothing is my collection of pink t-shirts with cute patterns.
  73. My favorite EDM artist is: Ummet Ozcan.
  74. Oh! I do sing in the shower religiously lol.
  75. While I live in California, I’m originally from the South. So I do have a very slight accent that comes out when I get around someone else from the South.
  76. When it comes to love, I don’t believe in love at first sight. I believe in taking your time to get to know someone before you jump in and say “I love you”.
  77. I also don’t say “I love you” a whole bunch. I do say it daily to my husband but I don’t smother him with it. Instead, we prefer to show it through affection, kind acts, etc. that keep each other happy.
  78. My favorite smell is: baby powder or dove body wash.
  79. The thing I first notice on a man is: his shoulders and chest area.
  80. I’m 5’1 with an hourglass frame.
  81. I have curly blonde-brown hair that is wild and untamed. It’s short right now, but I’m growing it back out.
  82. I love kawaii fashion and enjoy incorporating pastel colors into my wardrobe.
  83. I’m a non-denominational Christian.
  84. My favorite types of books to read are: travel-nonfiction (I recommend “The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific”), Vampire books (I recommend the “House of Night” series, or BDSM books… I need to make a whole separate post for those recommendations as there are many on my shelf! lol.
  85. I love snuggling with my cat, Cosmos.
  86. Hmm… my first celebrity crush was: Brad Pitt.
  87. An ideal date would be grabbing food for a picnic, and heading to the beach to talk.
  88. If I didn’t live in the USA, I would want to live in Ireland or the U.K.
  89. One day I want to live on a sailboat. 🙂
  90. Something I indulge in is… books and good food. Both are a must for me lol.
  91. My favorite school subjects were English/Writing and History.
  92. Other forms of BDSM that interest me besides being a Little are: Discipline, Humiliation as a form of punishment, primal sex, bondage (light), Master/slave, domestic servant, kajira/Gor culture, breath play, and more.
  93. While I don’t share intimate details about my sex life on here, I do enjoy talking about sex in general with people. 🙂
  94. I love tons of foreplay before having sex.
  95. I have kissed a girl before. 😉
  96. My favorite phrase that Dada says to me is: “Who’s my special girl? You are!” (boops my nose).
  97. I firmly believe in lots of water and aftercare (snuggles) after sex.
  98. My favorite position in bed is: doggy.
  99. A hard limit of mine is: blood or knife play. Anything that can get me or my partner injured is a no-no in my book.
  100. An upcoming 2020 goal of mine is to plant a tree here on the farm!

Wow… I made it to 100 items! I hope I didn’t bore you. Hehe ❤ Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you’re enjoying all of the posts on my site. Sending you much love!

~Penny Xx