What is the DDLG Community Really About? [A Little’s Perspective]

Hi My Friends!

Today I want to talk about what DDLG is, what being a Little is, and dispelling common misconceptions the public has about our lifestyle. For those new to the community and lifestyle, welcome! Hi!! If I were there right now, I would share with you some of my animal crackers. But for now, here is a GIANT virtual hug to make you smile.


Now let’s break down the most commonly asked question for people outside of the community:

What is DDLG? And why would an adult be attracted to someone who acts like a baby??

Within the BDSM umbrella there is a branch called Domination and Submission. Domination, is the individual (called a Dom (male) or Domme (female) who leads, guides, protects, etc. their Submissive. The abbreviated form of Domination and Submissive relationships is D/s, using a larger D to indicated that the Dom is the leader in the power exchange. That said, there is a common misconception that submissives that lesser than, subservient, or are unequal to their dominant. This is completely false. Any D/s relationship consists of: two legal adults (18+ yrs. old), who voluntarily enter into a consensual relationship that may or may not be sexual in nature. This binding relationship is deeply loving, trusting, and can be all encompassing as the submissive surrenders partial power and responsibility to the dominant over their life.

Under the D/s branch there approximately 11 major types of D/s relationships. These range from basic D/s relationships to Master/slave to Gorean Master/ kajira (slave) to Daddy/Mommy and Little (Cg/l) relationships and many more in between. For today, we will just focus on what a Daddy Dom or Mommy Domme and their Little is. Daddies and Mommies are dominants who are uniquely different from other types of dominants. They are individuals with a need to care for another person. They are often gentle, loving, humble, and grounded people who have the capacity to nurture another individual. They have the ability to listen for lengthy periods, have patience under great stress, and can reason beyond their emotions. These are all qualities of a healthy dominant.

The Little is a submissive in the D/s relationship. Within the Little community there are many, many types of Littles. But for the sake of keeping things simple we will focus on 3 main categories:

  • Adult babies (AB’s)
  • Littles
  • Middles

Adult babies are individuals who regress to an age of being a toddler or infant. Like any Little in the community, they have a need to slip into Little Space to relax, become happier and more fulfilled, and this comes out as an adult baby. They are completely aware of their biological age, but Little Space is the suspension of the mind to embody a role that feels light, happy, and freeing. Just as an actor takes the stage as a role in a play, so too does the Little release their inner child to “act out” what they envision the child-like part of themselves to be.

A Little is the broad term for any submissive who regresses in Little Space to an elementary aged child. Many Littles identify with other labels such as: baby girl, kitten, brats, bubbies, etc. However, it all falls under the Little term. Littles may or may not use diapers, pacifiers, and baby bottles similar to adult babies. Littles are often slightly more communicative to their dominant than an adult baby. They enjoy playing with toys, going to their local playground, snuggles with their daddy/mommy, and just feeling happy and free in that mindset (aka Little Space).

Middles are submissives who regress in Little Space to an age around early adolescence. They may enjoy all things kawaii and Lolita. They are usually very verbal to their dominant and do not have a problem being bratty or feisty, although every relationship dynamic varies widely. While Middles might be perceived as a couple roleplaying out schoolgirl fantasy, it should be noted that Middles are no different from AB’s or Littles simply because of the age that they feel comfortable regressing to.

The Argument of Sex in Little Space and Why Would an Adult Be Attracted to a Little: 

If you Google search DDLG, you will find many helpful websites about our community. You will also find just as many sites spewing misinformation and casting hate against Dom’s by saying that they are pedophiles. This is perhaps the most hateful misinformation about daddies and mommies out there on the internet. Any DDLG (Daddy dom-Little Girl) or MDLB (Mommy-domme- Little Boy) relationship must be between two adults of legal age. If you’re under 18 years old and you’re interested in the DDLG scene, great! Read books about it. Watch some Youtube videos. There are plenty of things you can do as a solo little to prepare yourself for a dominant when you are of legal age. (I’ll discuss that further in another post). However, for the safety of everyone involved, do not enter into a D/s relationship until you are of legal age. Why? Because whether you are a Little who engages in sex with your dominant, or you are a non-sexual little, DDLG is classified as a kink. It is a part of the BDSM community. And minors just can’t get involved. We must respect the law on this one.

There are two types of DDLG/ DMLB relationships: 

  • Those that have sex in Little Space
  • And those that do not have sex in Little Space

There are dominants and Littles within the community that engage in sex while in Little Space. These are couples that view the lifestyle as a kink. They are two, legal adults who use Little Space and props (onesies, pacifiers, skirts, whatever) to enhance their play sessions which both parties consent to, and find arousing. They can connect in Little Space on very, deep levels that bind them together in body, mind, and spirit.

There are also D/s couples who are just as fulfilled being in a non-sexual, yet incredibly committed relationship together. They are also a part of the community but do not view the lifestyle as a kink. Instead, they view Little Space as an opportunity to assume a caregiver role to their Little. They long to nurture, love, guide, and mentor their submissive as they grow and flourish. While they don’t have sex, they can get just as much enjoyment out of snuggles, playing together on the floor with toys, and walking through life together.

Whether you have sex in Little Space or not, one path isn’t better than the other. It’s all about personal choice, your comfort level, and the consent of both parties. Do what feels right for you. Don’t let anyone tell you that the Cg/l relationship you’re in isn’t right, or needs to be another way. It’s your body, your life, your path, your journey, and your choice. Keep your head high and stay positive, my friend!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Please comment with any questions and until next time, keep smiling!

~Penny Xx



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