Non-Sexual Littles: Is That Even a Thing? [Spoiler Alert: Yes, it is.]

Hi My Friends!

I hope you’re having a terrific day! It’s Friday!! A Very Happy Weekend to you! Today we’ll be discussing non-sexual littles. In a community where onesies and bums fill Instagram feeds everywhere, it’s hard to know that there are littles out there who are completely non-sexual. Are they real? Does it even exist? As a matter of fact, yes, they do!


Non-sexual littles are simply submissives who choose to not engage in any sexual activity in Little Space. They do not view regressing into Little Space as a kink, but rather as a lifestyle choice. Littles can choose to be non-sexual for a variety of reasons including:

  • Being in a long distance D/s relationship where access to their dominant isn’t possible.
  • Having morals and values that conflict with pre-marital sexual activities
  • Being a solo little without a dominant
  • Having the viewpoint that age regression into Little Space does not naturally make them feel or think about sex.

And more! For many non-sexual littles, Little Space is a mental head-space that allows for more then play and fun. It can be a space of healing and mental decompression. This is especially important for individuals with mental health issues. Non-sexual littles might also choose to be non-sexual to protect their bodies from STD’s or unwanted pregnancies.

Choosing to be a non-sexual little has been a hot topic in the DDLG community online for quite some time. Many dominants and littles view DDLG as a kink, and therefore engage in sexual activity. I have also witnessed non-sexual littles being harassed for openly stating that they don’t view their lifestyle as a kink. It should be clear that non-sexual littles might engage in sex in their personal lives, however they just don’t do it in Little Space. Instead, when they regress into Little Space, they feel pure… innocent… happy… and unencumbered. They don’t naturally gravitate towards sexual activities, because they are feeling at an age where sex isn’t even a natural part of the mental head-space of their regressed age.

Whether you view DDLG as a kink or not, or whether you have sex in Little Space or not, the bottom line is this: it’s your choice, your body, your life, and your time. What you do with it impacts you and your dominant. Let’s come together as one Cg/l community and bridge the differences between us. We’re all littles, middles, AB’s, etc. and that should be cherished! Keep smiling, my friends and stay tuned for the next post!

~Penny Xx

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