Can You Have a Hybrid D/s Relationship?

Hi My Friends!

Today we are discussing hybrid D/s relationships. Can you have them? Is that a thing? In short, absolutely you can! If you’re new to my blog, welcome! I am a Little who loves talking about all things DDLG and BDSM in general. So let’s dive into hybrid relationships, shall we? Let’s go!

Nude submissive handcuffed woman, bondage act

Just as you love slipping into a onesie or being snuggled by your Dom/Domme, so too might you have other fantasies. This is completely normal. You might love being a Little, but you also love a bit of pet play. Or maybe you’re a Little who also loves being a masochist and getting spanked by your Daddy/Mommy. If so, you are far from alone. I like to call these relationships “hybrid D/s relationships” because you don’t stick to just one submissive path. And why should you! 🙂 The world of BDSM is a colorful, erotic playground of many paths, fetishes, kinks, etc. for you and your dominant to explore.

There are over 300+ fetishes (way too many to list) but let’s take a look at some major paths of submission:

  • Traditional Domination and Submission
  • A Slave
  • A Gorean Kajira
  • A Pleasure Slave
  • Masochist
  • Taken In Hand submission (Biblical Submission)
  • Littles/DDLG
  • Pets

And these are just a few! Take time to explore if there are other kinks, fetishes, out there that interest you. Then have a heart to heart talk with your Dom/Domme. 🙂 You’ll be glad that you did. Until next time everyone!

~Penny Xx

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