The Ten Commandments of Littles


The Ten Commandments of Littles

Commandment I.: Treat your mommy or daddy the way you want to be treated. Strive to be loving, respectful, and listen with an open mind and heart.

Commandment II.: Be honest with yourself and your caregiver about your feelings at all times.

Commandment III.: Love and accept every part of your Little self. You are uniquely beautiful.

Commandment IV.: Develop a trusting bond with your caregiver based upon two, consensual adults who share the same vision: to be in a Cg/l relationship that is fulfilling and nurturing to both parties.

Commandment V.: Remember to have FUN! A huge part of the appeal for daddies and mommies is that Littles are people who know how to have a good time. So, smile, relax, and let your Little side shine!

Commandment VI.: Surround yourself with items that uplift you in Little Space. Whatever those items, plushies, toys, etc. may be, bring them into your space so that you feel naturally drawn to (and can relax in) little space.

Commandment VII.: Do not go out of your way to “brat” your caregiver. The grumpies happen. Bad days happen. But no one wants to deal with being manipulated. So be kind to your caregiver, and they should be kind to you too!

Commandment VIII.: Always have safe words in place for play sessions, little space, etc. They are vitally important to both you and your caregiver. This allows both parties to know if something needs to stop immediately. Likewise, you can have a designated word with your caregiver when you need to go into Little Space and let your little side come out to play.

Commandment IX.: Discuss a suitable punishment with your caregiver while out of little space. Both parties should be mindful of any triggers and/or trauma that spanking, time out, etc. might cause.

Commandment X.: As you choose your caregiver and they choose you, it is critically important to know what you’re seeking in a caregiver and to share what your needs are. For example: Are you an Adult Baby? Are you a Little? Or are you a Middle? Do you enjoy diapering as part of your little space routine? Or maybe your little space time is completely non-sexual? These are important things to share with your caregiver so you two can be on the same page at all times.

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