Using the Menstrual Cycle as a Tool for Connecting in Little Space [Cg/l Discussion]

Hi My Friends!

I hope you all are having a great day! Today I want to discuss periods. There, I said it. If you’re a female then you, too, have a period. Growing up, my family never discussed the menstrual cycle. My parents were from a generation where those “private lady things” just weren’t spoken about. But if I’m being completely honest, there is no shame in having a period. It’s simply a part of life. The other day I began thinking about getting your period, and the impact it can have on going into Little Space. For 5-7 days we bleed sporadically. We feel bloated, experience abdominal cramps, and sometimes have mood swings. To say that we are feeling vulnerable and crummy is an understatement! But then I had a thought: can this time of vulnerability actually benefit our Little Space? I think it absolutely can!


To all the dominants out there, lend me your ear for a moment. If your Little is an A.B. (adult baby), this can be particularly true. But regardless of how your Little identifies, the period in which your Little is menstruating is a time for you to be her hero. How? I’ll explain.

If you have an adult baby as your Little, then chances are that you probably have a nighttime “lovie”/hygiene routine. Maybe you change their diaper/nappy, wipe them with gentle diaper wipes, lotion their skin, and then tuck them into bed? If you have a Little or Middle, maybe you help brush their teeth, and see to it that they have clean pajamas, read them a bedtime story, before tucking them into bed. While your Little is on her period she is going to feel gross. Use this time to connect with her by cleaning her up with tender, loving care. She might not want to be intimate, but think about it for a moment. If you’re bleeding and sore, and your dominant comes over with a box of diaper wipes and a soothing voice to lay you down and tenderly clean your most sensitive body part, is that not an act of pure love? What you’re saying to them is, “Hey, I love you and I’m here for you regardless of what your body is going through”.

You’re acknowledging her feelings and empathizing with their cycle while still taking charge to allow them to be little. She can still slip into Little Space as you love and nurture her in every part of her monthly cycle. All you need is a box of disposable gloves, diaper wipes, and unconditional love. If your little is an adult baby, the blood will pool in the diaper for even easier clean up. If your little is a Little or Middle, then use this moment as an opportunity to learn how to use a pad. Honestly, it’s just sticking a giant piece of cotton into her underwear like sticking a sticker on something. It’s not hard, I promise 🙂

But the emotional impact you’ll leave will be a testament to how strong you two are as a D/s couple. You will be her hero, her love, and the joy of her life. Don’t let something as natural and normal as the menstrual cycle stop or delay your relationship one week out of the month. Dive in and get to know her body better. Learn every part of your Little’s cycle. I promise, you two will benefit greatly from it. ❤

~Penny Xx


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