The November Cg/l Newsletter [DDLG/LB Activity Book]

Hi My Friends!

I am so excited to share this newsletter with you. For a while now I’ve been wanting to put together a FREE printable DDLG/LB activity book that any Little can print off and enjoy. And now… the first issue is finally here! YAY! In this month’s newsletter you can expect to find:


  • A story for your dom/domme to read to you: This story is about a young girl named Rosie who goes on a grand adventure living with a band of pirates! While living on the high seas she discovers that these pirates are not ordinary smelly, mean pirates. Instead, they are pirates who look out for each other like a giant, floating family. I hope you love hearing this story read to you as much as I loved writing it.
  • A pen pal letter from me, Penny Berry, to YOU! I hope it makes you smile, giggle, and feel loved. Feel free to write back to me at the email on the newsletter so we can keep in touch! ❤
  • A Caregiver’s Corner Article: This article was written by my Daddy. This month’s topic is “A Compassionate Approach to Domination”. I hope it gives you insight as to how domination within the DDLG/LB world can focus more on a gentle approach, rather than a traditional Master-style seen in many other forms of domination under the BDSM umbrella.
  • A Recipe to Cook with Your Caregiver in Little Space!: This month’s recipe is cheesy Vegan Grilled Cheese Dippers with Creamy Vegan Tomato-Pesto Soup. Yum!!
  • Then there is a special “Wee Ones” picture-learning story designed every Little to enjoy and slip into Little Space. Follow along with your finger as you read aloud to your dom/domme and look at the pictures that accompany words in the story.
  • Lastly, there is a special connect the dots Thanksgiving picture for you to draw with your favorite colors! 🙂

Have a great time with this FREE printable, my friends and stay tuned for the next issue on December 1st!

To print off the November Cg/l Newsletter Click Here! 


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