8 Common Myths and Misconceptions About the Cg/l Community [DDLG 101 Info.]

Hi My Friends!

Today I will be discussing 8 common misconceptions the greater public has about our community. When I first got into the lifestyle I noticed very quickly that there are people who love being into the DDLG/LB scene… and those that create whole websites against our lifestyle. If you’re new to being a Little, then I encourage you to read this article all the way through. There is a lot of misinformation out on the web about Littles and why people are Little to begin with. People can become intolerant to things they don’t understand. They can label us as “gross” or “wrong”, and sometimes… they say things a lot worse than that!

So today I want to address 8 large myths and misconceptions to clear the air and continue to pave the way for our community. I hope you enjoy it!

~Penny Xx


8 Common Myths and Misconceptions About the Cg/l Community: 

Myth #1: Littles are only females.

This is incorrect. There are plenty of little boys out there who are wonderful littles too! Hence why I respectively use DDLG/LB to stand for Daddy-Dom Little Girl/ Little Boy. Although I should also note that there are also plenty of wonderful mommies too! So, if you want to be super technical and correct it would be DDMD LG/LB. Now, everyone is included. 🙂


Myth #2: Why would an adult be attracted to an adult with a childlike mindset?

Let’s look at it another way. Everyone in the world has natural talents and gifts, yes? You do too! Some people are excellent public speakers. There are people who are charismatic. Other people are natural nurturers. It comes to their natural ability to love, care, and cherish for others. They have an innate ability to connect with people who need healing, or love, or simply to be heard in a way that requires compassion and humility. Mommies and Daddies are some of the gentlest people you’ll ever meet. They understand that a little is someone who requires patience, time, and understanding. They get joy from helping others. To see a biological adult act like a child is simply a person reaching out their arms for a hug. The dominant is more than willing to step into those arms to hug them back. They also are very flexible, and easy going by nature. Here is a little who wants to get down on the floor and color because it makes them happy. So, the caregiver gets down on the floor and colors, not because it does something for them, but because it brings joy to the little. It nourishes them, and in turn, seeing the little happy makes the caregiver happy. It’s pure, selfless love.


Myth #3: Daddies and Mommies are Pedophiles.

This is perhaps the most angering, and upsetting myth surrounding the DDLG/LB community. There is a stark difference between pedophiles and caregivers. Let me explain in very blunt words here. There are laws for a reason. Any responsible daddy, mommy, or little will tell you that the laws of the land should always be obeyed. Children are defined as people under the legal age of adulthood (18 and younger). DDLG/LB is not meant for them. Daddies and Mommies are not attracted to children! They are attracted to the joy and love of caring for another legal adult who regresses to a younger age. I would bet that 99% of everything out on the internet that says otherwise and mentions pedophilia is written by an ignorant person looking to spread hate. Our community is filled with like-minded adults in consensual, mature, loving relationships.


Myth #4: All Mommies and Daddies Are Very Sexual (aka Tinder Daddies)

I heard a statement recently that really summed up sex well. I’ll paraphrase it here. What you do with your sex life, is up to you. It’s your consent. It’s your body. When you enter into a binding relationship within the D/s (Dominant-Submissive) world, you have a contract. There is something written down on paper that shares your core values, limits, rules, etc. I’m married to my Daddy and even I have a contract! It’s because you value and love yourself enough to always have limits in place. You also need to know the limits and expectations of your caregiver. That said, there are plenty of DDLG/LB relationships that do not include sex of any kind! Are there daddies and mommies out there looking to get their freak on with littles? Sure. There are players even outside of the DDLG community. It’s no difference, really. But this small fraction of the population cannot define the larger, more-encompassing community that actually has true, binding relationships.


Myth #5: All Littles Are Sexual in Little Space

Again, it’s your body, your choice, and quite frankly… it’s your own private business what you do (or don’t) in the bedroom! If you are in little space and that carries over to the bedroom… you do you. If you’re a proud little who doesn’t have sex in little space… that’s fine too! I’ve seen one too many arguments within the DDLG/LB community where people argue online about if this lifestyle is a kink or not, or if sex in little space is normal or not. Honestly, it’s silly to argue about such things. The only way you will know if a Little wants to have sex in little space is to ask. And if you feel comfortable asking, go for it. Otherwise, just keep those curious thoughts in the back of your mind.


Myth #6: DDLG is gender, race, and age specific.

This is obviously false but I’ll dissect it anyway. There are a ton of littles from every race, age, and walk of life. I would love to meet an older (50+) little one day. Some day that will be me! Who knows? Maybe I’ll be paving the way for “little grandma’s!” Ha! No, but in all seriousness, you can be any age, weight, race, sexual orientation, gender, etc. and be a little or a caregiver. We don’t judge around here! 🙂


Myth #7: DDLG is a kink.

In order to have this stereotype you first need to know what the definition of a kink is. A kink is defined as, a sexual taste or preference for a person. This assumes that a person gets sexually aroused at the idea of an adult in little space. Perhaps this is the case. For other littles and their caregivers, they simply enjoy the act of being in little space together and it does not include sex. So, is DDLG a kink? If your personal tastes are attracted to it, and you gain sexual arousal from being in little space, then yes, it’s a kink. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if you aren’t sexually aroused by things in little space, but instead you simply enjoy being a little and/or caring for one, then no, it’s not a kink. That’s perfectly great too. There isn’t a right or wrong here. It’s all about personal preference.


Myth #8: Littles are underage.

I’ll keep this answer here short and sweet because in another full post I will share my stance on underage littles at length. Here is the gist of it and I daresay the vast majority of the DDLG community’s opinion as well: No, littles are not underage. Why? Because that, my friend, would be against the law. Littles are legal adults in consensual relationships that may or may not include sexual activity. They are not underage minors!


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