Should Underage Littles Be Allowed in the Cg/l Community? [DDLG 101 Info]

Hi My Friends!

Today I want to discuss underage littles, my viewpoint on them, and what the typical stance of the Cg/l community is on this topic. Should underage littles be allowed in the community? Is it safe and healthy for an underage minor to be a Little? Are there ways in which underage littles can connect to the Cg/l community safely? And lastly, what are some issues or important points that underage littles should be aware of when entering the DDLG/LB Community?

First off, let’s identify what an “underage little” is. In the United States, (where I am located at the time of this writing), a person who is underage is any individual who is younger then 18 years old. As a whole, the Cg/l community and BDSM community takes a hard stance on underage minors practicing because it is against the law. The Cg/l Community is one kink beneath the umbrella of BDSM. As such, while not all Littles incorporate sex into their lifestyle, many do. That said, it is against the law for any minor to have sex before 18 years old.


I would imagine that being underage and being a Little must be very difficult. You yearn to have a daddy or mommy, but if you do anything physical there are grave repercussions. My opinion is that it’s far safer to practice alternative methods to exploring the DDLG/LB Community without actually diving into it. I do not condone any Dom or Little who is underage and in a D/s relationship. It just isn’t safe for either person.

That said, there are plenty of things someone who is underage can do to be a part of the community without being in a D/s relationship:

  • Research: Go online to Amazon and purchase books on DDLG or BDSM and get reading! There are many books on submission that will help you begin to understand the lifestyle and what lies ahead. Read, read, read! Knowledge is power and as soon as you turn 18 you will be so much wiser to be able to handle having a Dom if you’ve read up on the subject.
  • Watch Videos: Thanks to Youtube, there are MANY DDLG Youtube content creators now. Go online and watch their videos. Get a feel for how Littles act and behave. Look at the spectrum of adult babies, Littles, and Middles. See what resonates with you and make mental notes of what feels right.
  • Create a Little Space for Yourself at Home: Just because you don’t have a Dom now doesn’t mean you can’t create a Little Space for yourself in the privacy of your own home. 🙂 Fill your room with items that make you feel Little and happy. Color pictures or sing songs that makes you feel very young again. Revisit old TV shows you used to love. These are some great activities you can do as a Solo Little.
  • Begin to Journal: I would highly encourage you to begin keeping a journal of your journey into submission. You’ll want to look back at it years from now when you are experienced and well into a D/s relationship. It will be nice to reflect on your thoughts and feelings as you explore this part of yourself.
  • Explore Little Fashion: Find a clothing style that speaks to who you are as a Little. Are you into kawaii clothing? Or are you into emo/goth clothing? Are you a sporty Little? Or are you into onesies and bloomers? Take time to explore clothing that you normally wouldn’t wear and see how it makes you feel.
  • Exercise: Now is the time to begin a yoga practice or exercise routine. You’ll want to begin working on your flexibility which will be an asset if your future dominant craves you to kneel before them. You’ll also want to exercise not only for your health, but also to be able to engage in other forms of play that are more physical.
  • Meditate: Many dominants like their Littles to learn patience and respect. This can be very difficult for Littles to learn on their own, which is why you’ll likely go through training with your future dominant. Until then, download the FREE app “Headspace” and begin working on calming your mind with guided meditations. This will make you feel more comfortable with silence and improve your ability to sit still.
  • Connect with Other Underage Littles: There are plenty of underage Littles out there who have come together under #ageregression tags and #underagelittlecommunity to create a safe, non-sexual space for under 18 littles to connect, talk, and bond.

Connecting with the BDSM Community and DDLG/LB Community as an underage minor can be done safely IF the minor knows what to avoid. Now that we’ve explored what to do until you turn 18 years old, let’s examine what to avoid:

  • Do NOT get into any kind of D/s relationship, arrangement, etc. until you are of legal age.
  • Do NOT engage in any play session or sexual activity until you are of legal age. (Remember, Cg/l Conventions won’t even let minors in the door. This is because practicing BDSM as a minor is illegal! Don’t let anyone “sweet talk” you into doing something that could jeopardize your future. It isn’t worth it!)
  • If a Mommy or Daddy does contact you, it’s fine to be friends and chat. State openly that you are underage. Never try to hide your age for fear of looking “uncool”.
  • Stay away from dominants who target submissives who are young. If you meet a dominant who ONLY wants to be around young Littles…. run. Submissives and Littles come in all shapes, sizes, races, and ages. With age comes life experience and if a dominant only wants to target minors with little life experience and wisdom, well…. they probably only want in your pants. ❤

The Bottom Line: There is nothing wrong with being underage and being a Little. Explore the community. Research and learn as much as you can. Engage in safe activities on your own or in an online setting where other minors are present too. Stay away from dominants who don’t have your best interest at heart. Once you turn 18 years old, then you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to enter the community safely.

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Until then, have a wonderful night and stay tuned for more tomorrow!

~Penny Xx


  1. i am in agreement with you, altho am not sure on the legalities. Every state has different laws, and BDSM itself isn’t usually illegal, moreso sex between certain age gaps or under certain ages. Nice work!

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  2. I know this is from over a year ago, but I just happend to come across it while I was doing a search and would like to point out something. It is not illegal for minors to have sex, it IS illegal for a minor to have sex with someone

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    1. Hi Megan! I’m so sorry that I’m responding to this so late. Somehow I missed your comment, so please forgive me. I appreciate your comment, as every state and country has different laws regarding minors and sexual intercourse. I can only speak for the state of California (where I live) and according CA. state laws, it states:

      California law makes it a crime for an adult to have sexual intercourse
      with a minor (anyone under 18) or for two minors of any age to have
      sexual intercourse, unless the minors are married. This crime is
      commonly called statutory rape.

      I hope this clarifies where I was writing from at the time. 🙂 What are the laws like where you live? I think this is an excellent discussion to do as a post in the future. Have a wonderful day! xx


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