100 Date Ideas For You and Your Dom!

Hi My Friends!

Today I want to share with you 100 date ideas for you and your dom. These date ideas fall in all kinds of budget ranges, so I’m sure there is something for everyone. If you have any other ideas that I missed, please feel free to comment and let me know! 🙂 Happy reading and stay tuned for the next post!

~Penny Xx

100 Date Ideas For You and Your Dom: 

Date #1: Ice Cream or Froyo Date

If you’ve never been to a Froyo bar, you have to go! Seriously, is there anything more little than walking into a frozen yogurt shop clad in kawaii colors, picking up your little cup, filling it with that perfect swirl of ice cream.?! Then you and your Daddy or Mommy can choose all the toppings that you want! It’s a fun, budget friendly, little excursion that I highly recommend.


Date #2: Bowling

Imagine laughing and squealing at your dom/domme as they wear those funky colorful bowling shoes, while you two share a slice of greasy yet delicious pizza. You can let your inner competitive side shine as you bowl frame after frame. Or you can head up to the arcade and test your hand at winning a new plushie. Bowling is an amazing little date activity to do together.


Date #3: Library Story Time

Most public libraries offer story time for toddlers and elementary age children. But that shouldn’t stop you from making your own story time date with your Daddy or Mommy. In the quiet sanctuary of a library, you can curl up on a plushie chair, fill your lap with picture books and dive into an imaginary world. No one will look at you twice.


Date #4: Saturday Morning Brunch

There’s something soothing, and yet classy about brunch. First off, you get to sleep in which is always a win because you get extra snuggles with your Mommy or Daddy. But then you get to make breakfast mid-morning. And everyone knows that breakfast tastes amazing no matter what meal you are cooking it for. I recommend french toast!

Date #5: Fast-food Happy Meals

I’ll let you in on a little secret as someone who worked in the fast food industry when I was a teenager: no one checks if you have a child in the car, if you order a happy meal. When you pull your car up through the drive thru line, they might ask you if you want a toy for a boy or a girl. Trust me, they’re not going to check if you have a car seat in the car. So, not only will you save money by ordering a happy meal, but you get little sized portions too! Now I call that a win.


Date #6: Fishing Trip
Many people think that fishing is an expensive hobby to have. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As a little, there is nothing more fun than squealing as you dig out a worm from the bait bucket, having your caregiver help you put it on the hook, and reeling in a fish. Be sure to check your local area to find out free places that you can fish or head to your local hardware store to get a cheap state fishing license. Many places will also allow you to rent fishing equipment. So, you can do this little date on a dime.


Date #7: Beach Day and Sand Castles

For the longest time, I didn’t live near the beach and I always wanted to play on the sand and build sand castles. If you don’t have access to a beach, I recommend having your dom/domme purchase a plastic kiddie pool, filling with inexpensive sand from the local store and you just brought the beach to you! Dance in that sprinkler, splash each other like crazy and make sure to take pictures. If you live near the beach, why are you reading this? Go! The ocean’s calling!


Date #8: Camping Trip

There are a million things you can do with your dom/domme on a camping trip very inexpensively. You can cook over a fire, roast s’mores, go hiking, the list goes on and on. I think you’ll find, that it is well worth spending $50 USD on a camp site to lay beneath the stars together.


Date #9: Slumber Party and Pillow Fort

Slumber parties are the perfect excuse to “Netflix and chill” while feeling little. In less than an hour, you can string fairy lights, grab a bunch of blankets and pillows, and create your own little nook to snuggle up together. While many would suggest watching a movie, I recommend taking this time to talk more intimately as dom-sub. You can put questions in a hat, or play “would you rather”. With snacks and a sippy cup, this date is sure to be a hit!


Date #10: Coloring

Adult coloring books came about as a tool used for therapy and relaxation. So too can this activity be a calming date that you can do with your caregiver. There’s something magical about zoning out while you color and the world is quiet. You know that your dom/domme is there coloring next you. And yet you’re focused on creating this magical picture. It’s a special date that you two can do together to make your world feel still and at peace.


Date #11: Bubble Bath with Toys

Bath toys are some of the least expensive items you can purchase as a little (see previous chapters for specific Amazon bath toy recommendations).  I think it is a shame that American bathrooms generally don’t have a tub big enough for two. So how do you get around this obstacle and create a date with it? You bring in toys. There are washable crayons for the bath that you and your dom/domme can use. You can use foam letters to play games together on the ledge and spell. There are ways to connect while one person is outside the tub and one person is inside the tub. This is your chance to take bath time to the next level!


Date #12: Feeding the Ducks

As I’ve gotten older, I realized that ducks are everywhere. Truly, everywhere. Go to the nearest lake in your local area and I guarantee there will be ducks (unless you live in Florida, in which case, they probably would have gotten eaten by alligators. Just kidding!). Feeding the ducks with your dom/domme is sure to bring a smile to your face and make you feel little while taking care of another living being. Go to your local dollar store to purchase several loaves of bread and you can easily do this activity for a half hour or more.


Date #13: A Trip to the Zoo

I both love and detest the zoo for many reasons, but ultimately had to include it in this list. The zoo can be expensive. However, it’s also a swirling mass of parents with young children in chaos with ear shattering decibels. This is to your advantage, my fellow Little, because nobody is going to look at you as you skip down the path holding your dom/domme’s hand (oohing and ahhing at every adorable animal). Is it worth it? I think so. It’s definitely a date to put a check mark next to on your little bucket list.


Date #14: Going to a Farm

I admit that I am partial to the farm. As a southern Little, I am going to try to win you over to do this date with your dom/domme. There are so many things to do on a farm. There are U-pick farms, farms with petting zoos, hay rides, baked goods, fresh ice cream and seasonal activities. You can wear your cutest overalls, get dirty, and still have a great time! And the best part? You can do this entire date under $20. I recommend http://www.pickyourown.org as a great site to find a farm near you.


Date #15: Drive-in Movie

Can we talk for a moment at how expensive the movie theaters have gotten? Not to sound incredibly old, especially since I am a Little, but $11 per ticket is slightly ridiculous. I love going to the movies just as the next Little, but for $11 I do not want to sit in a sticky, gum-filled seat that is uncomfortable and makes me feel like I’m being smothered by people. My solution: the drive-in theater! For several dollars less per person, you can see the current movies that are in the theater. But, here’s the best part: you can bring your own food! No $5 colas or nasty popcorn for you, oh no. You can bring your little snacks (see recipes in this chapter) and eat amazing food, while watching your movie! How cool is that?!


Date #16: A Trip to the Mall

A big shout out to all my Middles for this date. You will fit right in with all the teenagers who love to go to the mall. As a Little, the mall can be a magical place. There is Build-A-Bear and the Disney Store. There are hotdogs on a stick and cookie shops in the middle of the walking area. There’s even Dippin’ Dots! The mall is a little’s haven. It’s air-conditioned, it’s easy walking for all mobility, and your dom/domme is sure to not get bored. Go check it out.


Date #17: Farmers Market

If you’ve never purchased something in a farmer’s market before, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But, you don’t need to shy away from this opportunity for a great date because there are many things that take place in a farmer’s market. There are free samples of food to try. Usually, there is live music from local bands and there are lots of artists and their works to peruse as you are walking around with your dom/domme. It’s the perfect date to be Little and blend in to the vanilla world.


Date #18: Amusement Park

My Daddy loves roller coasters. I do not. If you’re like me, where the thought of going 70 mph upside down makes you want to scream and hide under a pile of plushies, never fear. Many amusement parks, cater to those who want to go on roller coasters and those who do not. Your dom/domme (or you) can get your adrenaline fix while you are tasting some amazing elephant ears. There are slower rides like a Ferris wheel and you’re sure to laugh your head off in bumper cars. This is one date you do not want to miss.


Date #19: Water Park

Going to the water park or any body of water is the perfect excuse to show off your cutest Little swimsuit to your dom/domme. While most water parks won’t let you slide down together, your dom/domme can easily be waiting at the bottom for you as you throw your arms up with glee, sliding all the way down to them. You can dance under a cascading waterfall or float on an inner tube down a lazy river. There are many fun activities to do together at a water park. Bring your sunscreen.


Date #20: Couple’s Massage

You wouldn’t think that a couple’s massage as a DDLG/LB activity. This seems like something “Big Me” would want to do. However, laying side by side as a professional rubs the knots in your muscles away is the perfect date to relax you enough to go into little space afterwards. Trust me, you’re going to like this one.


Date #21: Little Shopping

Shopping for Little items doesn’t need to be an expensive date. In fact, one of my favorite Little shopping excursions that my Daddy and I did was heading to the dollar store and stocking up on $20 worth of Little accessories. Get creative with your dom/domme and find a store that is comfortable for the both of you so that the trip is a pleasurable experience.


Date #22: Cooking Little Foods

There are many Little foods that you can make whether together or solo. You can make funfetti cupcakes. You can bake dino nuggets on a pan. Your cooking level does not really matter when the recipes are so simple to begin with. The result is a great time and being rewarded with tasty Little food.


Date #23: Baking Together

Baking can seem a bit more complicated. You need to measure things precisely. You need certain pans for certain recipes. And most of all, you need patience! This is something most Little’s lack. However, with your dom/domme creating the batter or dough, you as the Little can have all the fun with cookie cutters and rolling pins and getting covered in flour, all while ending up making a tasty treat.


Date #24: Scrapbooking

I’m always envious of those people who scrapbook really well. You know who I am talking about. The ones with stickers and glittery pens and the perfect quote by every name. I am not one of those people, and you shouldn’t feel stressed if you are not either. I love scrap-booking because it’s the lazy Little’s way of documenting your relationship with your dom/domme. You can tape pictures, movie stubs, coloring pictures. or love letters all on a page, slap a border around it and call it a day. It’s laziness while being cute…I won’t tell if you don’t!


Date #25: Going Swimming

If you never checked out your local community pool, I encourage you to do so. You don’t need to be a swanky Kardashian with an infinity pool to go swimming with your dom/domme. Many community pools are free if you can show proof of living in that area. Other apartment complexes provide pools for their residents. So why is swimming so great with your dom/domme?  Size doesn’t matter when you’re in the water. You can finally do that piggy back ride that you’ve always dreamed of, or be picked up like Cinderella and weight doesn’t matter. You can be kissed underwater, or do a handstand, play Marco Polo, or ride on your dom/domme’s shoulders. Swimming is a must for every Little.


Date #26: Hot Tubs and Spa Retreat

There are many resorts that offer hourly services for their hot tubs. This can be a great DDLG/LB activity because the hot tubs are private. While your dom/domme is relaxing and unwinding in the heat of the tub, you are splashing in the bubbles and jets. You can usually bring your own snacks (think Goldfish, cheese cubes, juice boxes, etc.). So, for that time that you have use of the tub, you can make it the perfect Little spa retreat.


Date #27: Coupling / Matching Clothes

In South Korea, there is a fashion trend called “Coupling”. This is when a boyfriend and girlfriend dress alike. One thrifty way to achieve this coupling date is to head to your local thrift store with your dom/domme and find clothes that match. Your Little side is sure to shine as you see your dom/domme dress like you!


Date #28:  Trampolining

This date is the perfect excuse to wear your kawaii socks. Check your local trampoline park for a schedule of their adult public jump hours. Often, these are at reduced rates. You and your dom/domme can bounce of the walls (literally!) as you laugh and tumble together.


Date #29: Road Trip

This date is excellent for any budget bracket. If you can’t afford to do a road trip out of state, why not treat your local community as if you were a tourist. You and your dom/domme can make an itinerary together, pack a bunch of delicious snacks, jam to your favorite tunes and off you go! Bonus points if you take a picture at every destination point.


Date #30:  Picnic

A picnic is a wonderful, free activity that you and your dom/domme can do that can put you into Little space. Choosing a spot next to a playground is the perfect opportunity to combine a Little activity and a picnic together to make a great simple date. Think about using mason jars as an eco-friendly, no-mess way to pack your picnic food and re-use the jars later for another meal.



Date #31: Movie Night at Home

Whether you pick up a movie from a local Redbox, or stream something online, movie night at home is a great Little date to do together. Netflix in particular offers many Little shows for all tastes. Spice things up by taking turns choosing what to watch so you learn what your dom/domme likes to watch too. You can pause whenever “nature calls”, and your dom/domme can hold your hand as you take a trip to the loo.


Date #32: Disney Marathon and Sing-A-Long

It should be a requirement for every dom/domme to know every Disney movie. Why? Because odds are good that your Little likes to sing every song to every movie. If you really want to make your Little smile, take this opportunity to purchase a Disney CD to keep in the car so in between your marathon date, while doing a junk food run, you can bust out the Disney songs together in the car.


Date #33: Karaoke and Mocktail Making

We are Littles and therefore are not allowed to drink. Our dom/domme can drink, but we cannot. However, you can make such a fun date out of making a mocktail version of your dom/domme’s alcoholic beverage. Have you ever tried a virgin margarita? It’s a delicious strawberry smoothie. Or how about a Virgin Bellini? That’s fresh squeezed peach juice on ice! You’re sure to feel Little as your dom/domme is sipping a glass of rum while you’re having some apple juice. Don’t forget to maximize the YouTube window so you can bust out the karaoke songs while you are playing bartender.


Date #34: Cosplaying

Let your inner nerd shine as you become your favorite cosplay character together. Imagine your dom/domme as Naruto and you get to be Hinata, all shy, cute and adorable. Maybe, you want to be Sailor Moon and your dom is Tuxedo Mask? You can even have your dom be Cloud while you be Tifa! The possibilities are endless and you end up looking cute together. Check out a local cosplay convention near you.


Date #35: DIY Home Photo Booth

I’m not going to tell you to take naughty pictures, but let your imagination wander here. If you are an adult baby, think donning a onesie and posing cute for your dom/domme. If you are a Little, you put on the cutest outfit you got, bat those adorable eyes, and strike a pose. If you’re a Middle, put on that uniform, sit on your dom/domme’s lap, and snap a selfie. Getting silly in front of a camera is a great way to loosen up together. And if your dom says, to shed a few layers, well…


Date #36: Mini-Golf

This date is a great Little activity for many reasons. You can choose the color ball you want. Your dominant can teach you how to hit the ball into the hole. You get to whack the ball into a clown’s mouth or a windmill. It’s a fun activity that gets you moving, while being able to have private time on the putt putt course together.


Date #37: Arcade

There is literally an arcade game for every personality type. You and your dom/domme are sure to have a blast as you find the game which resonates with you. If you’ve never tried skee ball, extreme hoop shoot, whack-a-mole, or mad racer. You need to find your local arcade, my friend, and go. Many Chuck-E-Cheese’s cater to adults using their arcades as well as children. You can easily slip into Little space while playing with your dom/domme in a place like that. Gather up your tickets, and see what prize you get.


Date #38: Circus

There are many circus groups that travel all over the world. While many people assume that circuses are places of animal cruelty, I urge you to go online and find a traveling circus near you. Nowadays, many circus groups focus on contortionists, trapeze artists, clowns, dance performers, and motorcycle acts while staying away from animal performances. You can get the childhood thrill of enjoying the circus all while being snuggled up to your dom/domme.


Date #39: Matching Henna Tattoos

Littles are notorious for disliking pain. Unlike our fellow masochist submissives, we usually draw the line at spanking. So, when it comes to a permanent tattoo, unless that’s your thing, it’s not going to happen. However, henna tattoos are the happy ground between a permanent tattoo and a temporary stick on one.  You can find a henna artist through local festivals or farmers markets, and the henna tattoo usually lasts about a week before it washes away. Now you and your dom/domme can get a tattoo together without the pain.


Date #40: Tandem Biking

I like to call this activity: Couple’s therapy on the cheap. Why? Because you have to work together to get to where you’re going. As Littles we have to listen to our dom/domme, which makes this the perfect activity to do together. While you’re pedaling upfront your dom/domme is telling you where to go and pedaling from behind. It’s a great bonding date to do together. Check out local bike rental places online to find a tandem bike for you.


Date #41: Hiking

Being Little while out in public can get uncomfortable quickly if there are a lot of people around. Within the DDLG/LB community we try not to make vanilla people uncomfortable when we are out and about. Hiking is the perfect solution for being Little outside while having privacy too. Go out and explore trails near you with your dom/domme and marvel at Mother Nature. You can hold hands, share water bottles, pack a bag of snacks, and bring your Little world into the great outdoors.


Date #42: Horseback Riding

This date is an excellent activity to try something new. There are many guides who will assist you and your dominant’s riding level and experience. If you happen to have a partner who is larger than the weight requirement, you can easily have your dominant guide the horse (and you) as you are sitting in the saddle. As they hold the reins and walk with the horse, you two can talk quietly in Little space as you squeal with delight with every shift and motion the horse makes.


Date #43: Hayride

This activity is perfect for any mobility level. If you’ve never been to a hayride during fall at a local farm, you have to give it a try at least once. Relax on some hay bales or wooden benches as a tractor pulls you around the farm and you take in the sites.  Most hayrides are free although some cost a couple of dollars. Either way, it’s a great seasonal activity to do together.


Date #44: Pumpkin Carving and Corn Maze

You and your dom/domme can easily make a date out of carving a jack-o-lantern together. Most farms offer a corn maze that you can purchase a ticket to enter too. I love going in a corn maze because you usually go at night, with nothing more than a flashlight and a map. Hold your dom/domme’s hand as you navigate the spooky 7 ft. tall corn maze together. Look for a farm near you.


Date #45: A Parade

Attending a local parade is a great place to discreetly go into Little space. Everyone is focused on the parade so you can quietly babble and snuggle up to your dom/domme while taking in the sights. There are parades for every holiday. So, you can experience this date over the 4th of July, Christmas, New Year’s Day, or Thanksgiving. If you don’t have a parade near you, try tuning into the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade online. It is one parade you, as a Little, are going to absolutely love!


Date #46: Theater Performance

Tickets to the theater can quickly get pricey. However, you can easily achieve this date on a budget by checking out your local community theater, or high school performance. Many schools open up their shows to the public, so for a few dollars you can take in a show and have this fun date together. Bonus points if the show is a children’s show.


Date #47: Comedy Show

Laughter is the best medicine for having a relaxing date. My Daddy and I went to the Jo Koy show to see his stand-up comedy. While a comedy show wouldn’t be thought of as a DDLG/LB activity, your Big Me side can appreciate the humor while your little me side is just happy to be out with your dominant. Ask your Mommy or Daddy what show they would like to see and go laugh the night away. It’s memories you’ll hold dear forever.


Date #48:  Mini-Vacation

A mini-vay is perfect when you just need to get out. A mini-vay or mini-vacation is an overnight trip to a destination approximately an hour or less away. I encourage you to get a map and see what cities lie around you that are an hour or less away. Plan an overnight trip with your dom/domme to shake up your normal routine and try something different. A single night in a hotel isn’t very expensive. You can also savor little time by utilizing the hotel’s pool, gym, and doing late night fast food runs.


Date #49: RVing

RVing is the best of both worlds. You’re “glamping” (glamorous camping) with a hot shower and bathroom, but you get the inexpensive RV spot for cheap while being outside. Now you can camp and sleep in the comfort of a bed at the same time.  There are many companies online that you can connect with to rent an RV. Check out a local place near you.


Date #50: Painting

This date has many possibilities. You can attend a local class with your dominant and paint a picture together at a winery’s “Sip and Paint” class. You can bring this activity home and buy blank mugs from the dollar store to paint together. You can also get creative and paint each other! You can even spice things up with body paint and use each other as a canvass.


Date #51: Pottery Design Class

I love this date because you can feel like you are in the movie, “Ghost”, as you mold clay with your dom/domme. Many studios offer pottery design classes very inexpensively. Create a bowl or cup together then return two weeks later to see the fired, glazed, and finished result.


Date #52: White Water Rafting

Get adventurous together with this fun, but safe date activity. There are plenty of professional rafting companies who will assist you and your dom/domme as you navigate the river together. If you are in to roller coasters or a natural adrenaline junkie this date is right up your alley. As you’re bouncing along the white-water rapids, you have to paddle together to keep the raft steady. You and your dom/domme are sure to have plenty of laughs together. Don’t forget your helmet!


Date #53:  Thrift Store Shopping

Shopping at the thrift store is an amazing place to find DDLG/LB items. Many thrift stores will bundle toys in storage bins for a flat rate of $5 to $10. You never quite know what you’re going to get in the bin, but that’s half the fun of purchasing it together. In addition, you can often find playmats, used playpens, baby blankets, and kawaii clothing if you take the time and really dig through the piles. What is one man’s trash is another Little’s treasure.


Date #54: Aquarium Date

Channel your inner mermaid as you and your dom/domme head off to the aquarium together. Many aquariums have special exhibits where you can interact in the touch tanks, as well as sea animals being fed up close and personal. You and your dom/domme can take pictures next to jellyfish, or giggle at an octopus that is trying to camouflage against the rocks. It’s sure to be a date you’ll never forget.


Date #55: Sailing

Anchor away at your local marina as you and your dom/domme go sailing together. There are fewer thing more relaxing than cresting over the waves with the wind on your face. Sailing requires you to work together as you raise, and lower the mainsail, and listen to the captain’s commands. Check out your local yacht club to get involved in Sailing 101 courses inexpensively.


Date #56: Whale Watching

I have to recommend the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, Hawaii for this date. Not only do they specialize in conservation, but they help to further research on whales with every ticket you purchase from them. There are many whale watching charters you can connect with, to experience this once in a lifetime date experience. Trust me when I say that when you see a humpback whale swimming beneath your catamaran in clear blue waters, it will take your breath away.


Date #57: Video Gaming

My Daddy and I are giant nerds, so I have to gush to you about MMORPG’s (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and Co-op (Cooperative) games. If you are new to the video game scene, there are plenty of games that you and your dom/domme can get involved in that are free or nearly free. Steam is the largest digital platform to finding excellent Co-op games to play together. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t recommend the subscription free MMO game Guild Wars 2 to play together.


Date #58: Dance Party

If you can afford professional couple’s dance classes, and you have the schedule to make it happen, you probably don’t need my help in creating your own DDLG/LB date. This date is for every Little out there that has a full schedule, limited funds, or a child. There are tons of free videos on YouTube that are dance tutorials for you and your dom/domme to learn together. Make your own dance party, and have a blast with it in the privacy of your own home. Who knows? You just might love the cha cha.


Date #59: Going Out to Eat

Eating out really isn’t specifically a DDLG/LB activity. Now what happens if your dom/domme chooses what you eat and orders for you​? All of a sudden, the mundane activity becomes Little Space. Not only do they order for you, but when the food arrives, they cut up your food for you before you begin eating. There are plenty of ways to enhance eating out as a Little activity. If you’re really creative, look for a breakfast restaurant and see if you can order a smiley face pancake or something whimsical and playful.


Date #60: Candy Shop

Every Little has dreamed about Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. While the factory isn’t real, we can experience the joy of being surrounded with sweet confections by visiting a candy shop. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you can choose various jelly beans to make your own Bertie Bott’s mystery jelly beans, or you can get the thrill of licking a lollipop as large as your face. Your inner Little is bound to be elated at this simple yet fun date activity.


Date #61: Exercising

Many dom/dommes create rules for their Little that center around healthy living.  Exercising as a D/s couple makes you feel good because of the endorphin boost, but it also is a great excuse to have a bubble bath afterwards. Exercising can range from something as simple as taking an evening walk together to trying couple’s Yoga. Wear something comfortable and get moving!


Date #62: Role-Playing Online

If you’ve never roleplayed online before, it is akin to a choose your own adventure book. However, unlike the books, you weave the story. Just as an actor becomes a character on stage, a role-player becomes the character online. There are dozens of MMORPG’s available with beautiful virtual worlds that you and your dom/domme can interact in with your characters. Design your character just like dress up, and let your imagination run wild as you enter the online universe. I recommend websites like “https://mmos.com/gamelist” as a guide to finding the right RPG for you.


Date #63: LARPing

LARPing stands for Live Action Roleplaying. There are many LARPing communities internationally that you can find information for online and get involved with. If you are creative and enjoy the thrill of becoming a character in a fantasy world,

this is an excellent date for you and your dom/domme. Events are usually held at camp grounds over the course of a weekend.  Participants check in to the cabins on Fridays, eat dinner and then the game begins. As you wield your nerf sword and bean bags, you race across the campgrounds slaying down monsters while acting out your character. If you and your dom/domme are nerds, this date is a must try.


Date #64: Tea Party

A tea party is a Little’s wonderland. You’ll note in this chapter that there are several recipes perfect for a tea party, including scones, tarts, and buckeyes. A tea party doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate to look fancy and put together. There is something adorable and whimsical about putting mismatching patterns together and having various teacups at the table. Don’t stress over having your tea party looking uniform and like that of a magazine picture. Instead, grab your plushies, a few cups and saucers, your favorite snack and your dom/domme and have a tea party.


Date #65: Christmas Tree Decorating

What Little doesn’t like Christmas? You can get extraordinarily creative at decorating your tree for Christmas. You can make a DDLG/LB Christmas tree by hanging up pacifiers, baby bottles, and little rattles on the boughs of the tree. You can also buy an artificial tree that’s pink or blue! As you snuggle by the fireplace, with your tree glowing in the room, it’s sure to be a very special Christmas.


Date #66: Gingerbread House Decorating

Don’t stress yourself over trying to bake, cut and shape a gingerbread house. Head to your local store during the holiday season and purchase a gingerbread decorating kit. You and your dom/domme can dream up the most magical house to design together with frosting and candy. Bonus points if you make it a DDLG/LB gingerbread house!


Date #67: Fashion Show

You’ve saved, scrimped, and collected all of those Little clothes in your closet. Your dom/domme loves to see you all dressed up in all Little clothing. Why not put on a fashion show for them? Strut your stuff using the hallway as your catwalk, twirling to music, and have fun with it. I have no doubt your dom/domme will smile.



Date #68: Card and Board Games

Board games are so inexpensive these days. There are many board games to tap into Little space including: Candyland, Jenga, High Ho Cherry-O, Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hungry Hippo, and Guess Who. There are card games such as: Uno, Go-Fish, War, and Exploding Kittens that are inexpensive and can create a great date night in with you and your dom/domme.


Date #69: Go to a Car Show

If your dom/domme is into cars, this date is perfect for you. Have your dom/domme teach you a thing or two about cars, as you walk around this free event together. As a Little, you can marvel at old-fashioned model T’s, roadsters, modified street racers and more.


Date #70: Attend a Christmas Light Tour

You can go on a paid Christmas light tour, or you can do it on the cheap like I do. Grab your dom/domme and a couple of thermoses of hot cocoa, then pile in the car. Drive around on Christmas Eve and see which houses have decorated their house with lights. There’s always a radio station playing Christmas music 24/7 to listen to. This free activity is so much fun to ring in Christmas together.


Date #71: Backyard Barbecue

If you don’t have a fancy grill pit in your backyard, or you only have a small balcony instead of a backyard – you can still have your own barbecue. Nothing screams summer more than barbecued food. Imagine standing at the grill with your dom/domme right behind you as they hold your hand guiding the spatula to flip over the burgers. You can roast corn together, mix the potato salad, and eat homemade popsicles. Whether you are grilling outside or in your tiny kitchen, as long as you are together, that’s all that matters.


Date #72: Puppet Show

There are many centers for puppetry arts located all around the world. This lesser known art form is a wonderful venue for dominants and their Littles to attend. You don’t need to be an actual child to appreciate the talent that puppeteers put into each performance. Littles will marvel as these puppets come to life singing and dancing to numbers. Don’t have a puppetry art theater near you? Watch an episode of Sesame Street on YouTube, or make sock puppets together and put on a performance of your own.


Date #73: Botanical Gardens

You and your dom/domme can visit your local Botanical Garden to walk around and learn about different plants. Stroll hand in hand as you witness butterflies, bumblebees, and wild flowers galore. Most Botanical Gardens are free, or some might ask for a small donation. Check out one near you.


Date #74: Body Painting

I love a date that combines improving self-image with DDLG/LB. As a plus-sized Little, I feel that body painting allows you to get comfortable with your body while exploring your dominant’s body. Ask your dom/domme to paint on you, while telling you all the things they love about your shape. Before you know it, you’ll be falling in love all over again.


Date #75: Gardening

You can start a garden with your dom/domme by making a simple herb garden or a window sill flower box. If you have the room, you might want to try to create a small vegetable garden outside. Gardening has been proven to be a very relaxing form of exercise for people of all ages. Test your green thumb and see what you can grow today.


Date #76: Go Christmas Caroling

I admit, I am a bit of a Christmas junkie. Do you know the Christmas Carol “Here we come a Wassailing”? It’s based upon Christmas carolers who would drink wassail to keep warm as they went from house to house. Many people are shut-ins for the holidays or unable to get outside for the holiday cheer. You and your dom/domme can make things a bit more magical by connecting with local organizations to go caroling. How much fun would it be to sing carols with your dom/domme in the snow?!


Date #77: Making Pancake Art

Pancake mix is very inexpensive and this fun art form is a great date to do together. If you can find condiment bottles at your local dollar store, I highly recommend using them over Ziplock bags.  Mix your pancake batter together, then add a few drops of food dye, place into the bottles and pour your design onto a hot griddle. Laugh together as you make hello kitty, Pokémon, Mickey Mouse, and more!


Date #78: Make a Snow (or Sand) Man

I don’t have the luxury of snow where I live. I envy those that are able to build a snowman together. You and your dom/domme can gather sticks and old clothing. Don’t forget the carrot! Then you can create and amazing snowman together during the winter months. However, if you live in a mild climate like I do, get out to the beach and build an epic sandman. Kelp can become the hair, driftwood can become the arms, and seashells can become the eyes. He can even have a mussel nose! It’s not Frosty but it still can be a great date.


Date #79: Go Sledding

Many people think that you need to purchase an expensive sled to go sledding. However, you and your dom/domme can use many household objects as makeshift sleds. Sit between your dom/domme’s legs on a trash can lid as you slide down the hill together.  You can also use baking sheets or plastic inflatable inner tubes. They work wonderfully.


Date #80: Go Ice Skating

Every Little dreams of being a figure skater. Who wouldn’t after watching Olympic skaters gliding and twirling around the rink? However, I like to think that this date is more like the movie “Serendipity”, where you and your dom/domme are holding hands, waddling along the ice hoping not to fall down, as you laugh and cling to each other. This is one date you don’t want to miss.


Date #81: Start a Collection Together

Collecting something with your dom/domme can be loads of fun. It could be anything like stamps, shells, toys or even drawings. The act of collecting will make you feel closer because you are both working towards a common goal. It’s very satisfying to snuggle up and admire your collection as a culmination of both of your efforts.


Date #82: Create a Playlist

Back in the day, we recorded cassette tapes together. Then it was burning CD’s together. Now, you and your dom/domme can create a digital playlist together. This date only takes an hour or so, but the playlist that you create is something you can enjoy again and again. Explore each other’s musical taste and see what you discover.


Date #83: Breakfast in Bed

This date I something to pull out once in a great while. You don’t want to be busting it out every weekend, or else it will cheapen the experience. Your dom/domme is sure to smile and shower you with tons of kisses when you surprise him/her with breakfast in bed complete with a loving note. Get creative with breakfast by using cookie cutters and shaping fruit into a smiley face.


Date #84: Snuggles & Siesta

Nap time is an important part of Little’s weekend schedule. Weekends are the time when you can slow down and take a nap together. Become the little spoon to your dom/domme’s big spoon as you rest, recuperate and rejuvenate together.


Date #85: Hibachi Grill Date

Hibachi grills are an amazing Little date because Hibachi chefs put on a performance with elements of excitement and intrigue. Marvel as the chef creates a flaming onion volcano, flips shrimp into his hat, juggles eggs, and does a whole circus routine with your food. Littles love playing with their food so this date is sure to be a hit.


Date #86: Build-a-Bear

Plushies are a Little’s best friend and this store takes it to the next level. Create a plushie together and watch your Little kiss its heart as the assistant sews it up. You can even record your voice to put inside the plushie for your Little to cherish forever. I highly recommend this date as an activity to do together. If you don’t have a Build-A-Bear near you, they have bears online to choose from and customize to your heart’s content.


Date #87: Surfing and Paddle Boarding

This date is a great activity to do even if you are beginner surfer. Many surf schools will rent boards inexpensively by the hour for you and your Little to use. Learn to catch a gentle wave, and keep your balance as you take a lesson from a surf instructor. You can find a gentle beach or marina to paddle board side by side.


Date #88: Indoor Skydiving

Dominants are all about keeping their Littles safe and protected. So, jumping out of an airplane is probably not happening. However, if you want to feel like you’re flying together, check out indoor skydiving. There are certified instructors to guide you in the wind tunnel as you learn to shift your weight while being suspended in the air. Think happy thoughts as you and your dom/domme become as light as a feather.


Date #89: Stargazing

This date is more than just looking at the stars. Connect with your local astronomy group or bring your own telescope as you discover: constellations, moving planets, shooting stars, meteors and more. Your Little will love finding the Big Dipper while snuggled up in your arms.


Date #90: Snorkeling

Witness marine life up close and personal in this relaxing undersea adventure date. Be Ariel for the day, as you hold your dom/domme’s hand swimming around looking at fishies. See if you can find starfish and crabs. Snorkeling equipment is available for rent for less than $10. Check a surf shop near you.


Date #91: Food Truck Tasting

Many food trucks network together to create outdoor food courts. You can find most food trucks on social media. Make it a fun date as you taste a nibble from truck to truck, exploring as you go. This fun culinary date is sure to leave you smiling with your bellies nice and full.



Date #92: Have a Very Merry Unbirthday Party

364 days a year, it is an ordinary day. But one day a year, you get a birthday. Which means, you have 364 chances to have an Un-birthday party! Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland”, you too can have a wacky tea party complete with an un-birthday cake all while singing the song! (Check out YouTube to hear the song).


Date #93: Attend a Sports Game

Attending a sports game is 50% about the team you are cheering for and 50% about the experience of being there. Yes, you and your dom/domme can wear matching jerseys while cheering for your team, but we all know that being in an arena is really where the fun’s at. You have the kiss cam that makes every cheer, the stadium wave that gets you out of your seat, music that pumps you up, and endless flow of beer and greasy food for you to nosh on. Ask your dom/domme to take you out to the “old ball game”.


Date #94: Read Bedtime Stories

A vital part of every DDLG/LB relationship is creating traditions and rituals together. One meaningful tradition that your dom/domme can do is establishing a bedtime routine with his/her Little. Reading a bedtime story calms the mind and directs their focus. It evokes imagination as you’re slowly lulled to sleep and eases the body into peaceful slumbers to rest and repair for the new day. Create this important routine together by visiting your local library weekly to pick out picture books!


Date #95: Pet Store Browsing

Taking your Little to a pet store to ogle and enjoy little furry pets is sure to bring a smile to their face. Watch them squeal at the cute puppies and kittens and see their eyes widen as they point at the turtle trying its hardest to hide. Hold your little close as you look at birds of every color and snakes coiled up beneath a log. Watch them gasp at the furry bunnies and hamsters that scurry to and fro. Pet store browsing is a free activity that can mimic a wild safari experience.


Date #96: Bottle Feeding & Rocking

Bottle feeding while rocking your Little one, then burping them right afterwards allows dominants to establish a strong connection. The act of feeding and rocking allows the Little to feel safe and coddled helping them to regress deeply into Little space. It forms a very strong bond between the dominant and their Little because it is a gift of nourishment and love. It allows the Little to be vulnerable and open while giving the dom/domme the freedom to truly assume the caregiver’s role.


Date #97: Kite Flying

You and your dom/domme can check out your local dollar store to purchase an inexpensive kite or there are many free plans and tutorials online. This windy day activity gives your Little a chance to feel as if they are in the movie “Mary Poppins”. Many communities have kite flying festivals in the early Spring. So be sure to check online to see if there is one near you!


Date #98: Dancing in the Rain and Puddle Jumping

Some people think that the rain prevents you from going out to play. But every Little and their dom/domme knows that a rainstorm means its time for a whole new adventure! Grab your rubber boots and raincoats as you set off together jumping in puddles and dancing in the rain. Try to catch raindrops in your tongue or pretend that you are Totoro as you march along in the blustery day.


Date #99: Develop a Lovies Routine (Pampering Your Little)

Personal hygiene is paramount which is why many dom/dommes instill rules for their Littles to keep clean. Dominants can keep their Littles happy by getting involved in their hygiene routine. With a box of diaper wipes, some baby powder, and a towel, you have everything you need to keep your Little one clean and healthy. This activity allows your Little to feel comfortable getting more intimate with you as you touch their body in positive, gentle ways.


Date #100: Find the Perfect Plushie Together

A Plushie is a Little’s best friend. As you tuck your Little in every night, you’ll see them smile as you give a kiss to their plushie and a kiss to them. Just like adopting a pet, your Little will find a Plushie that speaks to them and connects with them in a deeper level. They say a Plushie chooses the Little and they choose for life. That is why, your dom/domme must treat your Plushie with as much love and respect as he/she does you. Finding the perfect Plushie is the best gift one can give a Little because you are giving him/her a best friend for life.


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