Do You Have to Be “Little” (or Thin) to be A Little? [Cg/l Discussion]

Hi My Friends!

Today I want to talk about body weight, body positivity, and why some Littles (myself included) have felt the pressure of conforming to certain images that exist within the Cg/l community. There is a stereotypical image put out there on social media of what a little “looks like”. They have long hair that can be pulled up into pigtails. They are slender, no, thin, wearing thigh high socks that come up to their knees. They wear onesies and diapers to show off their tiny bums and flat stomachs. In sum, they are supposed to look as young as possible. But here’s the problem with this image. Little Space is about a state of mind…. not what you look like physically. We associate pretty with slender, and it’s just downright wrong! I want to see companies like Littleforbig, Littletude, and ddlg playground, cater to Littles of all shapes and sizes.

Littles come in ALL shapes and sizes!

Having wide hips, a big rump, or thick calves does not make you any less of a Little! There needs to be a movement within our community where we express that you can be ANY size and still be a Little. Another media platform that projects Littles as slender people is the porn industry. I know, let’s go there. Let’s talk about porn. If you’ve never watched DDLG porn, I would encourage you to never be exposed to it. Usually the adult film actors and actresses are not from our community. They don’t know how a real little acts in a sexual space. They don’t assume baby babble and they sure as heck don’t understand the true dynamic between a dom and their Little. The main goal of DDLG porn is entertainment. They want the smallest girls who can fit into these knee high stockings and tiny clothing, to be spanked and pounded hard. I get it. It’s about money and views. But it does a disservice to our community on the whole, so I have to say that I am against DDLG porn.

My friends, you can be curvy and still feel sexy in Little Space. If you have hips, a butt… whatever part of you that you dislike, there are ways to wear clothing that flatters your form and yet, makes you feel Little. You can wear baggy overalls, or pull on a roomy zip up body onesie. You can order larger sizes in onesies and there are companies (Sock It To Me! to name one) that specifically makes kawaii socks for very large calves. My point is that there is nothing for you to be ashamed about. We are all beautiful and we all deserve to be able to express ourselves as littles. From a personal standpoint, I have long struggled with my own weight issues. Several years ago I had gastric bypass surgery because I had reached my heaviest and I was just sick of it. I lost 100 pounds and felt like a completely new person. And yet…. I still have larger legs. I have those *gasp* dreaded cankles. I have a butt and wide hips. I struggle with body acceptance too. But, my friends, let me offer you a piece of advice that someone very close to me said. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you, like me, struggle with body issues then you need to begin practices of self-love.

Stand in front of the mirror every day and look yourself in the eyes. Tell yourself “I’m beautiful” and say it over and over again. At first you may not believe it, but you know what? We are our own worst critics. The Cg/l community is comprised of littles, middles, adult babies, sissies, pets, etc. of every shape and size. We come in all shapes, sizes, races, and sexual orientations. You are beautiful just the way you are. Have confidence in yourself. Your dom will connect more deeply with you if/when you have self-love. This is an important part of being a healthy little. You must know and love yourself before you can completely connect with your dominant. So love yourself… because you’re worth it!

Alright that’s it from me for today! Stay tuned for the next post, and until next time everyone, keep on smiling! ❤

~Penny Xx

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