The Importance of a Cg/l Relationship Questionnaire and Contract [FREE Contract and Questionnaire Printables!]

Hi My Friends!

Today I want to discuss the importance of a contract. In the world of BDSM, contracts are used all the time. But in the Cg/l community we aren’t so open about relationship contracts. Why should we have them? And is it really needed? As a Little who is married to her Daddy, I strongly encourage everyone to use a contract if you have any type of D/s bond. There are many different kinds of Cg/l relationships. Some of these include: long distance relationships, part-time arrangements, full-time relationships, and live in partnerships. In all of these dynamics, there is some sort of power exchange. We often forget, as Littles, that we are a branch beneath the BDSM umbrella. As Littles we are submissives, meaning that we are surrendering (consenting) to allowing another person to dominate us in some manner. A contract ensures that both parties in the relationship are protected fully and that all needs, wants, fears, triggers, etc. are disclosed at the start of the connection.

Another important step that every Cg/l relationship should take is filling out a questionnaire. Below, you will find a relationship questionnaire that I designed specifically for our community. In it are important questions that your dominant needs to know so that they can guide you in the healthiest way possible. You’ll want to first fill out the questionnaire together. Take time to discuss every answer at length and share any reservations, fears, or emotions that bubble up. Then, when you both are ready to fully commit to each other, move on to the contract.

A contract should not be entered into lightly. Unlike vanilla relationships where a break up “just happens”, the loss of a D/s bond has lasting consequences. It is my opinion that it is far more painful because there is total transparency between the dominant and submissive. In the exchange of power, there is deep trust given to establish the hold that your dominant needs to guide and mold you into becoming the best you that you can be. I knew that our community needed a contract and questionnaire designed, by a Cg/l couple, for Cg/l couples. It is my deepest wish that you use these documents to enrich your own relationship. Take them and color in all of the hearts. Use glitter pens to make it yours. Cherish this contract as you both sign it and begin your new journey together. Embrace who you are and just run with it! You’re a Little… and that’s something to be proud of! 🙂

To print off your FREE Cg/l Relationship Questionnaire click the image! 

Questionnaire preview

To print off your FREE Cg/l Relationship Contract click the image! 

Contract preview

Stay tuned for the next post, everyone, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx


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