Littlemas Day 5: Read Christmas Books with Your Dom [FREE Printable]

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Hi My Friends!

Can you believe that there are only 20 days until Christmas?! We are flying through the month and I am really starting to get excited. 🙂 I hope you are too. Today is all about curling up with a beautiful picture book in the arms of your Dom. Now, I want to point out that if you happen to be in a long distance relationship with your mommy/daddy you can easily do this activity by having them read to you via video chat. Have your dom head to their local library and check out a Christmas book. Then curl up near the screen as you listen to them read and show you each picture. If you are live-in or are face to face, then take this activity as an opportunity to snuggle, bond, and reconnect.


In today’s free printable you will find a list of 27 great picture books that are Christmas-themed. Everyone has that one book that they love around this time of the year, so read what feels right for you. Personally, I love “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by: Dr. Seuss, “Good King Wenceslas” by: Jane Seymour, and “The Polar Express” by: Chris Van Allsburg. One last thing that I’d like to mention is if you are a solo Little, this is the perfect opportunity to snuggle up and listen to a read-aloud video on YouTube, or you can get together with other Little friends and read books together. You are NOT alone. Reach out to the Cg/l community (even via forums!) and connect with others this season. You are loved. You are special. And you are worthy of friendship, love, and respect.

I hope you all enjoy these books as much as I enjoyed pulling them together for you! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Littlemas post, and until then, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your FREE Christmas Picture book printable list click here! 

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