Can You Be Little and Dress Modestly? Yes, You Can! [Non-Sexual Littles Blog Series, Part III.]

Hi My Friends!

We’re back with part III. of the non-sexual littles blog series. Today we are diving into the topic of dressing modestly and being a Little. Now, on social media and the like, there are many shops advertising Cg/l clothing that is anything but modest. Littles upload short video clips of their bodies in onesies (sans bloomers or shorts) that show off everything but their private parts. Other littles go so far as to show pictures of their bodies in a mid-riff top and a diaper. But, I’d like to point out that you can look adorable, fashionable, while still dressing modestly as a Little. But, before I dive into the fabulous list of modest-friendly Cg/l clothing shops, I first want to examine why some littles would prefer to dress modestly in little space.

Cute, yet it covers up! 🙂

Many times we forget that the Cg/l community can (and is usually) associated with domination and submission. The caregiver (a mommy or daddy) is the dominant, while the little is the submissive. In varying degrees on the D/s spectrum, most Cg/l couples engage in some form of power exchange. At the very basis of these D/s relationships there is a deep love and respect between the submissive and their dominant. I’d like to suggest that when a little is modest in how they dress, that this too, is a form of respect to the dominant. Not to sound like some old, 1950’s housewife, (or perhaps I might?!), but there is something equally sexy and sensual of covering up one’s body for the dominant’s eyes only. You wear clothing that flatters your form, showing grace, style, and appeal while still leaving enough to the imagination that hides your “assets” from the world as a sign of respect to your dom.

I never quite understood the appeal of showing off tons of skin to the world, if I’m being completely honest. Not that I ever had a perfectly toned stomach or anything, but I have worn a bikini before, and I admit that I felt… almost naked when doing so. The world of DDLG/LB already struggles with misconceptions that dominants are pedophiles or that daddies and mommies are secretly attracted to children’s clothing and items. Of course, anyone knowledgeable in the community knows that this is completely false and a dangerous lie to be spreading. However, it is my opinion that care should be taken by Cg/l fashion companies to ensure that little clothing is representative of what being a little actually is: a youthful, happy, innocent head space in which a little can experience joy and mental freedom. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a onesie from Littleforbig, but perhaps put on a pair of shorts too? Or maybe you do want to wear a “Yes, Daddy?” top that shows a bit of tummy… but pull on a pair of overalls and you still look cute and little, while covering up your body in a flattering way. You get the idea.

So can you look fashionable and still look little at the same time? Absolutely you can! Here are 20 Modest Cg/l Fashion Brands that I personally recommend:

  1. Torrid
  2. Hot Topic
  3. Modcloth
  4. BoundOveralls
  5. Disney
  6. SpreePicky
  7. Etsy (look for individual shops that have kawaii yet modest clothing)
  8. Syndrome Store
  9. Kawaii Babe
  10. Starchaser Clothing
  11. Rebels Market
  12. Trash Queen
  13. Milanoo
  14. Light In The
  15. Sourpuss Clothing
  16. Rakuten Globel Market
  17. Plus Cutie
  18. Attitude Clothing Co.
  19. Lolita Desu
  20. Cutesy Kink

When looking for modest clothing, don’t go in thinking that you need to look like a nun. Stand in front of a mirror and be honest about your body shape. Tall, short, curvy, or thin, there are clothes out there to flatter every form. The key is finding clothing that works for your body! You need to feel good in what you pull on everyday. Having clothing that flatters your body will help you to feel confident, and walk with a sense of pride in your appearance. That said, here are a few tips when looking for modest clothing:

  • Make sure the bust line is several inches above your cleavage. You don’t need to have your collar all the way up to the neck. Showing some skin around your collar bone is fine, but if you can see any portion of your breast, then the top cuts too low.
  • Try finding skirts that stop at the knee or mid-calf. If you have an hourglass frame (like myself) then look for skirts that hug the waist while flowing outward (A-line) to stop mid-calf.
  • If your top and bottom are very different sizes look for skirts or trendy pants as opposed to dresses.
  • If your frame is tall and narrow, look for flowing pieces that will give shape to your body, and play with accessories to spice up your look!
  • Lastly, play around with comfortable yet cute footwear. While sneakers/trainers are great for workouts, as an every day fashion shoe… they kind of belly flop. Instead, find some flats that make you look stylish, yet still retain comfort. And don’t be afraid to find your style of high heel (that you can actually walk in) to ramp up your look when going out on the town.

There are so many ways to look little and classy. Pull on overalls and a cute pair of sneaker-platforms. Yank on a pair of form-fitting leggings with an oversized fluffy kawaii sweater. You’re covered up, but you look innocent and adorable too. So what are you waiting for? Go give these tips a try! 🙂

That’s it from me for today. Stay tuned for the next post, my friends. Have a wonderful rest of the night, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx


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