Littlemas Day 9: Sing Carols Together [FREE Printable]

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Hi My Friends!

Littlemas Day 9 is all about busting out your inner karaoke star and singing holiday carols with your Dom. Just yesterday I was trying to sing the “12 Days of Christmas” in Tagalog with my Daddy. Needless to say, it was difficult! 🙂 But we laughed and laughed as I stumbled over the words, only managing to keep up with the actual numbers. It doesn’t matter if you can hold a tune or not, relax and fall into Little Space as you snuggle up singing together. If you’re in a long distance relationship, the app. Smule is great to sing karaoke together. There are even karaoke apps that will allow you to live stream duets so you can sing to each other face to face! Now, how cool is that?!


Yes, there are many ways in which you can accomplish this Littlemas challenge. You can head to your local church and get involved in singing carols as a large group, or invite your friends over for supper and singing carols while cooking in the kitchen. Have fun with it and make some lasting memories. In today’s free printable I have given you 16 Christmas carol song suggestions. Print off your list and head on over to YouTube to listen to each one. You’re sure to be singing before you know it.

Alright that’s it from me for today, my friends. Let’s make it a great week, stay tuned for the next post and until then, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your FREE printable of Christmas Carols click here! 

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