Littlemas Day 12: “The Sand & Snow Challenge” [FREE Printable]

Hi My Friends!

Today is Littlemas Day 12, and today I have a challenge list of things for you to make in the snow, (or sand if you live on the beach like I do), with your dom. Growing up as a kid, I lived in a place that got feet of snow every year just in time for winter break from school. I would spend hours outside making snow angels… snowmen… and sledding down our front yard. I looked like the puff marshmallow man in my snowsuit, complete with a matching scarf, mittens, and hat with the giant puff ball on top.

This is about as close to a snowman as we can make where I live! lol

Nowadays, I live in a place where we just beg to get rain! 🙂 Never mind that we will never see snow fall from the sky. Our local festival has a “Surfing Santa” (which I admit, is a tad strange) for the kids to enjoy. Santa can’t really wear his North Pole suit, or else he’ll die of a heat stroke lol. But I digress. There are plenty of things you can create in the sand at the beach if you’re never going to get a “white Christmas”.

So enjoy today’s free printable complete with 10 challenge activities to make in the sand or snow. And stay tuned for the next post on here. Have a wonderful day everyone, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your Littlemas Day 12 free printable of the “Sand and Snow Challenge” click here! 

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