Something So Simple as Thumb Sucking and Yet… [Story Time and Raw Processing]

Hi My Friends!

Today I am interrupting our regular posting schedule to process my feelings in this space here and now. I created a category called “Kitten’s Corner of Stories” where I could toss in blog posts here and there that come straight from my heart. Nothing is scripted. I don’t have to comb through my post for comma splices, (which I’m notorious for doing), and other grammatical errors. No… now, and in this space I can just be me. Sharing thoughts from the deepest, most quiet parts of my mind. So here we go.


When it comes to being a Little, I suppose you could say that I’m not your average Little. At times, I admit that I spend a bit too much time on Instagram looking at photos of other Littles. I see the adorable pacifiers dangling from their mouth and I envy just how cute they look. “I want to look that cute too!”, I think to myself and begin to pout. It’s silly, I know. We are all beautiful in our own way. I preach this all the time, but I have my own insecurities too. But last night was a real turning point for me.

Around my home, we have been battling a case of the common cold. My Daddy (and husband) was sick for days with a chest cold. So I was playing “nurse kitten” cooking up lugaw (rice porridge… yum!) and slathering him with Vicks on the hour every hour. Slowly, he began to feel much better. Then last night we were laying side by side in bed passing cough drops and facial tissues back and forth to use, (hot I know, LOL), when things began to actually “heat up”. I smirked at my Daddy knowing the look he gets in his eyes when, despite having a cold, he wanted to show me some love.

And so we did. It was intimate, sensual, and deeply reconnecting.

But it was in the moment of aftercare that really moved me. As I laid on his bare chest with a blissful smile, his beautiful, cocoa-colored fingers brushed over my lips. Without even thinking I slipped his thumb into my mouth and let it rest on my tongue. Suckling against it lightly, I felt Little… and so loved. I heard him growl with satisfaction as we laid there together, nestled close. His thumb soothed the vulnerable part of my soul that feels so exposed after sex, while arousing and satiating the oral fixation that surfaces when I feel “in the mood”.

I didn’t need some sparkly, flashy pacifier dangling from my mouth. I didn’t need to wear an adorable, kawaii outfit (though I’m not opposed to it!). No. I needed my Daddy…. his thumb… intimacy… and time. I needed to slow everything down and simply allow myself to stay in Little Space to enjoy his body and mine. And that’s exactly what I did. So I guess what I’m trying to say is: on Instagram you might see pictures of me in all sorts of colorful outfits. Or you might see images and quotes from other Littles adorned with the most festive outfits that are cute and designed for Little Space. That’s great, don’t get me wrong, but…. just be you. Do what feels right. Slip his thumb in your mouth if that feels right in your soul. Trust me, I’ll definitely be doing it again. *winks*

I know this post was short, but I thank you for taking the time to read and hold space for me as I expressed myself. Being a Little isn’t always easy, and it’s healthy to process our emotions as we all continue on our own sexual journeys. Have a beautiful day everyone! Sending you much love wherever you are in the world.

~Penny Xx


  1. My girlfriend regularly sucks her thumb. Couple of years ago I woke up with her thumb in my mouth. Now I regularly suck her thumb. Somehow it helps me go to sleep faster. And yes I agree it’s very intimate.

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    1. Hi Harvey! Isn’t it amazing how something so simple as thumb sucking can deepen your connection with your partner? Daddy and I both use little intimate touches like this regularly which has shaped and strengthened our seven year marriage. Wishing you and your girlfriend many years of love, laughter, and cuddles. xx


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