Littlemas Day 15: Make Each Other an Ornament [FREE Printable]

My Post

Hi My Friends!

Today is Littlemas Day 15, and today I challenge you to create an ornament with your dominant. Don’t worry if you’re crafty or not, these D.I.Y. ornaments are all super simple to make and will be a great token of your relationship to look back on year after year. In today’s printable you will find 12 D.I.Y. ornaments that I chose from other sites. Choose the ornament that you like best, and then head over to the provided link for instruction details.


I know tonight’s post was short and sweet, but I hope you all enjoy this activity as much as I loved pulling it together for you. Take the time to use this activity as another way to get into Little Space. Have a wonderful night, everyone and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your Littlemas Day 15 printable, complete with 12 DIY ornament suggestions, click here! 

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