Sex Positions: The Spoon and Fork [Review]

This morning I inched closer to my husband in bed. “Gusto kitang makasex…” I whispered into his ear. (I want to have sex with you). I know that when it’s the early morning, and my Daddy is groggy, that speaking in Tagalog is the language to use when waking him up. Peeling open an eye he smirked at me quietly. “Talaga?” (Really?) he mumbled and began to turn my way. “Handa na ako…” (I’m ready..) I purred, and thus began our exploration into this position…


Though I’ve had my fair share of sex, when it comes to changing up positions and trying all different kinds of angles, I admit that there are many that I need to experiment with. So recently I purchased a book full of different positions, so I can share with you which ones work and which ones are ridiculously hilarious. This position I HIGHLY recommend. There’s something incredible about feeling your partner press in from the side. This position is easy to get into. We didn’t need pillows or any modifications. Coming in from an angle made the sensation feel more intense, because gravity naturally presses the top leg down during sex. So for me, it was a new sensation of him entering my body normally, but because I was turned to the side, my walls felt penetrated in a whole new way. For him, because my legs were “sporked” around him, everything felt that much tighter. Needless to say, we were both left quite satisfied.

If you do need a modification for this position, I would recommend getting a wedge pillow. (The liberator wedge is highly recommended). Place the wedge under the females hips to slightly elevate her for easier access and penetration. Also, use lubrication if it’s the early morning or if dryness is an issue because penetrating from the side can feel quite intense!

I hope you all enjoy this position. Stay tuned for many more. Keep an eye out for the next post, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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