Littlemas Day 16: Bake DDLG-Themed Cookies Together [FREE Printable/Recipes]

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Hi My Friends!

Littlemas Day 16 is all about getting in the kitchen to bake a special treat. Everyone has their favorite cookie. Personally I love oatmeal raisin or gingerbread cookies. Yum! The holiday season just isn’t complete unless you have one baked good. So today’s free printable includes two cookie recipes! (Please note: the printable is two pages today. Each recipe corresponds to the top or bottom section of both pages. So the ingredients and instructions for sugar cookies are on the top section of BOTH pages. And the ingredients and instructions for Italian Christmas Cookies are on the bottom section of both pages).


Now, take these cookies up a notch and make them DDLG themed with just a few, easy tweaks! You can purchase these adorable baby-themed cookie cutters off of Amazon for less than $10 USD. Then frost and decorate them with your favorite colored sprinkles or candies. Make them your own as you ring in the holidays together. I hope you enjoy this fun, Little Space activity everyone! Have a wonderful day and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your FREE printable and cookie recipes for Littlemas Day 16, click here!  

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