The 10 Commandments of Non-Sexual Littles [Non-Sexual Littles Blog Series, Part VIII.]

Hi My Friends!

We are at the final section in the 8-part non-sexual littles series. Whew! What a ride it has been. I truly hope you have learned a lot as I brought to light this group of littles/submissives that are often overlooked in our community. There is nothing wrong with being a non-sexual little. If you are, then let me tell you that you are just as valid, desired, and cherished as any other little. That said, on my home page you’ll notice a “10 commandments of littles” page. Today, I designed a 10 commandments for all the non-sexual littles out there. I hope these virtues represent you, and help wholesome dom’s out there understand a bit more about what a non-sexual little represents. Enjoy!

~Penny Xx

The 10 Commandments of Non-sexual Littles

  1. I will not show off my body for likes, views, etc.
  2. I will not judge those who take a different path from me.
  3. I will not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke in Little Space.
  4. I will dress modestly in clothing that does not sexualize my body.
  5. My Little Space will be a mindset of healing, play, and self-care.
  6. I can dress in my own style without showing off too much skin.
  7. I keep my adult life completely separate from Little Space, including sex.
  8. I will focus on wholesome things and activities in Little Space that uplift and make me feel happy.
  9. I will tune out negative forces that try to compromise my values.
  10. I will be gentle and loving towards myself as I regress into Little Space, allowing myself to regress to whatever age is most comforting.


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