Littlemas Day 19: Play the “Christmas Icebreakers” Question Game [FREE Printable]

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Hi My Friends!

Littlemas Day 19 is all about getting to know each other better. There is nothing more romantic than snuggling up with your daddy or mommy under cozy blankets, and just talking the night away. Today’s free printable is designed to ask each other questions relating to Christmas and traditions that you hold dear. Take time to really talk about each question. Explore each other’s background and listen to stories from their youth. Share pieces of yourself so that you can connect on a deeper level. Sometimes we might find it hard to ask people questions. We feel like we’re prying too much and that could be considered rude or ill-mannered. So I hope you use this printable as a guide to spark conversation.

If you’d like to read the questions digitally, or don’t have access to a printer, here are the questions. 🙂 Now go snuggle up, and as always, keep on smiling! ❤

~Penny Xx

To get your Littlemas Day 19 FREE Printable of Christmas Icebreaker Questions, click here! 


Christmas Icebreaker Questions 

  1. What is your favorite memory?
  2. Do you prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree?
  3. What is a Christmas tradition that you remember from your childhood?
  4. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
  5. What is your favorite Christmas dessert?
  6. What is your favorite Christmas carol?
  7. Do you prefer to eat ham or turkey for Christmas?
  8. Do you like gift-giving, or receiving gifts?
  9. Do you hang stockings for Christmas, or do one giant Christmas sack?
  10. What is your favorite winter activity?
  11. Do you like to decorate the house for Christmas?
  12. Have you ever drank egg nog before?


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