Diving into the Lifestyle, Part 4: How to Seduce Your Dom and Keep the Spark Alive [Cg/l 8-Part Series]

Hi My Friends!

Tonight we are in part 4 of the “Diving into the Lifestyle” series! The topic we will be discussing tonight is, “How to Seduce Your Dom and Keep the Spark Alive”. Among the various D/s relationship dynamics, a Cg/l (Caregiver/little) dynamic is a unique style all on its own. Unlike a Master/slave dynamic, or a Sadist/masochist relationship, where both roles are filled by adults, the Cg/l dynamic is assumed by two consensual, legal adults, where one regresses in age to create an illusion of a dominant and their little girl or boy. Note that I said an illusion… because the relationship is only with two legal adults.Β That said, within a Cg/l relationship there is a certain level of seduction that goes on between the dominant and submissive. Tonight I will share how to seduce your dom whether you’re in a non-sexual relationship, or one that has intimacy involved.

Creating the illusion of being Little is a state of mind, but if I’m keeping it real… props help a lot too. Onesies are a great clothing item to have on hand because they accentuate your curves and are a visual cue and reminder to your dom to treat you as a Little. They are also a physical reminder to you to assist in slipping into Little Space. Littleforbig has some amazing onesies in all sizes for about $25 USD available on Amazon, so I recommend that you check them out. Knee high socks are another excellent tool to have on hand. They naturally draw the eyes to your legs, which is a great way to look sexy and seduce your dom, yet retain that innocence that creates seduction. Remember, seduction is a fine balance between giving enough to keep your dom wanting… yet, holding back enough to appear innocent and pure. It’s like that saying of being, “a lady on the streets, but a freak in the sheets” type of thing. πŸ˜‰


Physical touch is also very important to doms as well. If you’re in a non-sexual relationship, remember to hold hands when crossing the street, or link your arm in your dom’s arm as you’re out and about. Every relationship loves some form of physical touch. As humans, we naturally crave being touched. Another way to seduce your dom is to sit on their lap. If you’re uncomfortable with sitting on their lap, try sitting next to them and draping your legs over their lap. The goal is to get some form of physical closeness in to the moment. Obviously hugging and kissing are incredible ways of seducing your dominant, as well as having sex in little space. But if those aren’t a part of your relationship, then there are other ways to use touch to your advantage. Lightly touch their arm as you’re talking. This denotes that you want them, and crave them being close. Keep eye contact as you’re talking and give them your full attention when they are talking too!

If you have a very close relationship with your dom, try sucking on their thumb when an intimate moment strikes. The act is incredibly sensual and will likely arouse you both. Wear cute panties that will tease your dom if they see a bit of it between your thighs as you’re playing on the floor, or if the top part of your panties peeks out around your waistline. I know regular panties are comfortable, but go the extra mile and wear hipsters, high cuts, or thongs. Trust me. They’ll notice! And try sexting when you’re apart. Sending a naughty, playful text to your dom can really fire both of you up and seduce them when you’re apart. By the time you get together it will be like fireworks going off! πŸ˜‰

Just as there is a physical component to seduction, there is also an emotional aspect to it too. Doms love being called a pet name. When you establish your D/s relationship your dominant will tell you what name they prefer to be called, such as: Daddy, Mommy, Sir, Master, Mistress, Mama, Paginoon, Tatay, Alpha, etc. And you will likely call them by that name most of the time. But there are other times when you’re talking casually that you can insert tiny pet names such as: love, honey, babe, oppa, yeobo, zhangfu, bae, boo, lover, etc. You might be dancing on the line of being in your adult head space and your little head space as you’re talking, and that sweet name pops out. Don’t be alarmed. Most dominants will relish you calling them by such a sweet, tender name. Another way to emotionally seduce your dom is to ask for permission. Oh, how dominants love it when you ask for permission! Why? Because it’s the ultimate form of respect. It says to them, “I could easily do this on my own. But instead, I’m giving you power over me and asking for permission before I go and do this”. It’s a highly moving act to do and the basis of any D/s relationship.

As a Little, remember that the one thing that attracts daddies and mommies to littles is their ability to be happy, bubbly, sweet, and sincere. I cannot tell you how many times I see Littles whining or acting “emo” on social media. Littles are supposed to be joyful, optimistic, and playful! Not all the time, mind you. We all have bad days. But, when you’re in little space, do you really want to be whining and complaining all of the time? Of course not. Strive to put on your happy face and release your silly side. Your dom will feel engaged to you and seduced into the moment. Lastly, allow your dom to lead you through life. Nothing seduces a dominant more, than seeing their little be supportive in helping them be a dominant. While you are fully capable of taking control over your life, you choose to have a dom because you want them to lead! Be supportive in their decisions. Hold space if they need to share emotions with you. Give advice if they ask for it. Stand by to nurse them if they fall ill. Cheer them on when they are working on a personal project. Be their biggest fan. ❀

I hope these tips have given you some food for thought. That’s it from me for tonight, my friends. Stay tuned for the next post. I hope you all had a wonderful day, and as always, keep on smiling! πŸ™‚

~Penny Xx

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