Pondering About the Cg/l Lifestyle.. [Writing in Little Space]

*This post was written while I was in Little Space. Normally I try and elevate my writing. I edit it carefully and use jargon that denotes that I am capable of a higher level of writing. I try to infuse warmth and knowledge into each post, and so I hope I convey that much to you. This time, I wanted to write while in Little Space. My age regression is around 7-10 years old. I identify as a Little/Middle. My language becomes more simple and my emotions become more raw while I’m deep in the head space. So I hope you enjoy ❀ *

Hi My Friends!

Right now I feel little-little. Little-little is a code word that my Daddy and I made up for all of the times when I’m just feeling small, vulnerable, and need to be little. I woke up this morning feeling happy. I actually slept in to almost 8 am! I was surprised! I wanted to write in little space, because when I’m feeling this way I feel quiet and content. I can think a lot of thoughts inside of my head. They probably won’t make sense. But here is what I’ve been thinking about this morning πŸ™‚ :


  • I wonder if people think I’m weird for being a Little? Some girls really do look little little. But, I think that your heart is what matters most. If your heart feels little, then you are a little.
  • I wonder why some littles don’t want to be labeled with the Cg/l community?Β An AgeRe (or a person who regresses in age) doesn’t want to be in the Cg/l community. They think that all Littles who are in the community want to do “boomies” (sex). But that isn’t true! There are many littles who want a mommy or daddy, but don’t want to do boomies. It’s kind of sad and confusing that there are littles who are in one group, while there are littles with mommies and daddies in another group. 😦 Can’t we all just be one big colorful, glittery, group of littles and accept each other?
  • I wonder why some daddies want to be daddies so quickly? Being a daddy or mommy is a BIG job. It’s a lot of work to take care of a little. We like snackies… and stuffies… and coloring… and playing at the playground… and going for walks… and giggling late into the night… and bubble baths! It’s a lot of work. So when a daddy or mommy wants to jump into a relationship super fast I think, “Hmm… that’s odd”. Do you think that’s odd too? You have to REALLY REALLY know someone before you put on their collar.
  • And that’s another thing! I wonder if people think it’s weird that, us subbies, wear collars? I once read in a book that “littles don’t like to wear collars. They might wear a ribbon but they aren’t as “hardcore” about wearing a collar as other types of subs”. That made me giggle and shake my head. That’s so silly!! Most littles love to wear a collar from their mommy or daddy because it makes you feel claimed. And really, we all just want to be loved, claimed, and wanted.
  • You know what else is weird? I wonder why the word “lolita” means “a sexually precocious young girl”. I didn’t know that it meant that! I just thought that the dresses were pretty and fluffy… I like the pink buckled shoes, and the millions of hair clips and bows in the wigs. I love the kawaii makeup and the purses that are shaped like milk cartons or a plushie purse. Why does a pretty, kawaii look have to be sexual? That’s kind of weird.
  • I wish that more Littles knew that they could be a hybrid little. AND I wish that more BDSM lifestylers knew that littles wanted to be a part of their branch within the BDSM umbrella. Because… even though we seem like we would want to get spanked with only a hand, there are many littles who are also masochists. (Not me… I would cry if I got paddled lol). But there are so many fun kinks and fetishes to explore. Why not try them while still being little? And! I hope that those “grown up” subbies and doms know that even though we are very little, and wear pretty, colorful clothing… that we still have a “big me” deep down that loves to be naughty too. Don’t count us out! Little guys can do big things too! πŸ˜€ (That’s a VeggieTales song hehe! πŸ™‚ ).
  • Some people think it’s weird that adult babies wear diapers. And even though I don’t wear diapers, I can understand why they do. πŸ™‚ I choose to accept all littles.
  • Which reminds me! I don’t understand why people can be so harsh to underage littles. Yes, they can’t come to events because they aren’t a legal adult. But maybe we can be nicer towards underage littles and doms, by providing them with information and forums for them to learn about the lifestyle while being safe too! Everyone has feelings and everyone should matter.
  • A lot of people tell me that I’m “too nice” or that I’m tender-hearted. I don’t know what that really means, because I just think that everyone should be nice to each other. Like… I don’t understand why people aren’t careful with what they write online. People make quick comments without thinking about how it makes another person feel. But somewhere out there in the great, big world there is a real person with feelings who will be reading your words. So if you make a snide remark, or forget to wish them a happy holidays back, or don’t even acknowledge their comment at all!… then it might make them sad. And that can cause a boo boo. So people should just try to be nice. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Well, I know that I get rambly, especially when I’m feeling little. But I hoped that you enjoyed reading my thoughts and feelings. What are you up to today? πŸ™‚ Are you having a good day wherever you are? I hope that… wherever you are that you stop and take a deep breath. I hope that you close your eyes for just 1 second to soak in being quiet. I hope you do something that makes you laugh. I hope you make space in your life to play, and just be silly. It’s important to always remember to find the silly stuff in life. Have a great day, and stay tuned for the next post. Sending BIG hugs your way, friends!

~Penny Xx

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