The Sleeping Beauty [Sex Position Review]

“… babe what time is it–oh–“…. 


Though this position is called, The Sleeping Beauty, I think it should be called, “Honey I’m Horny So Just Lay There”. Just as the picture suggests, this position usually is initiated when one partner is resting, or while it’s still early in the morning. Can we talk about morning sex for a moment? Isn’t it great? I think as you get older (and I say older, but I’m only 34 so…) you tend to appreciate sex in the morning. When I was younger I was much more of a night owl. But now that I’m in my 30’s I prefer a good night of rest, and then a wild romp in the morning. I like this position for several reasons:

  • As the girl, you get to be kinda lazy, and lay there being taken. (hehe!)
  • The angle of prone bone is gloriously, delicious and allows for very deep penetration.
  • There is an element of excitement with this position, as your partner will “surprise” you with spontaneous sex.
  • For the man, the position is very pleasurable, because with the legs together the vagina becomes tighter than normal. (Or as my Daddy says, “it feels like I’m screwing a virginal, 18 year old” LOL! )
  • This position is also quite sensual. I love feeling my Daddy hovering just over my back. He usually nips at my neck or shoulder blades while doing this position.

If modifications are needed for this position: 

  1. Place several pillows under the hips to elevate your rump slightly for easier access.
  2. You can also switch this position and move up onto all fours to get into doggy, if prone bone isn’t comfortable for you both.
  3. To increase pleasure, try having your partner insert an anal plug and gently massage it as he is thrusting from behind.
  4. Lastly, a pilates, elastic band can be wrapped around the woman’s waist and tugged upon by the man while he’s thrusting, to assist in helping penetrate easier without more strain and effort on his body.

I hope you all enjoy this fun position! Stay tuned for the next post. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone! And as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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