My New DDLG Workbook for Littles is Published!

Hi My Friends!

I am so excited to announce that my new workbook for Littles to use in Little Space is live on Amazon!! 🙂 This workbook has 50 activities for you to complete in Little Space right there with the workbook. Some of these include:

  • This or That!
  • Connect the Dots
  • DDLG Coloring Page
  • DDLG Inspired Truth or Dare
  • DDLG “Would You Rather?”
  • Finish That Disney Lyric
  • 10 Things I Love About Daddy!

And so much more! I had a blast creating this for all of you, and I hope you spend many hours enjoying these activities. Slip into Little Space. Let go and unwind. This is my gift to you. Stay tuned to my Instagram for a giveaway of 2 workbooks coming in the very near future! And now without further delay, here is the link for the workbook!:



The DDLG Busy Book


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