2019 Cg/l Calendar & Dates to Know! [A Calendar for Littles!]

2019 Cg/l Calendar & Dates to Know! 


TomKat ABDL Camping Retreat Sign up’s Open up (ABDL Summer Camp in Canada) 

January 8- National Bubble Bath Day

January 14- National Rubber Duckie Day

January 18th- My Melody’s Birthday

January 19th- National Popcorn Day

January 31st- National Backwards Day



Feb 2- Groundhog Day

Feb. 6- Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day  

Feb. 22- International World Thinking Day

Feb. 26th- Tell a Fairy Tale Day



March 5- Mardi Gras

March 15th- Absolutely, Incredible Kid Day

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day

March 20th- Rapunzel’s Birthday (Tangled)

Chicago Ageplayers Convention (CapCon) March 28-April 1



April 1st- Gudetama’s Birthday

April 2- International Children’s Book Day

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

April 20th- Lookalike Day

April 21- Easter

April 25th World Penguin Day

April 27th- Tell a Story Day

April 28th- Eeyore’s Birthday



May 1st- Mother Goose Day

May 2- Chip of Sanrio’s Birthday

May 4th- “May the 4th Be With You” Day

May 12– Tuxedo Sam of Sanrio’s Birthday & MOMMY’S DAY ( Mother’s Day)!

May 30- Pusheen’s Birthday

May 31- Peppa Pig’s Birthday



June 7th- National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 16th- DADDY’S DAY! (Father’s Day)  

June 21- Anna’s Birthday (Frozen)



July 1- International Joke Day

July 10- Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day & Keroppi (of Sanrio)’s Birthday

July 30- International Day of Friendship

July 31st- Harry Potter’s Birthday



Aug 3- Watermelon Day

Aug. 29- Oswald the Octopus’ Birthday



Sept. 3- Daniel Tiger’s Birthday

The West Coast Jungle Gym, Sept. 6-8 (San Diego, CA.)

Sept 13- Positive Thinking Day

Sept. 15- Make a Hat Day

Sept 17th- Curious George’s Birthday

Sept. 19th- International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sept. 21- International Peace Day

Sept. 22- Elephant Appreciation Day & Hobbit Day (LOTR)  



Teddycon, Oct. TBA (Allentown, PA.) 

US Littles International Ageplay Retreat, TBA, (Vermont, USA) 

Oct. 4- Taco Day

Oct. 7- World Smile Day

Oct. 14th- Winnie the Pooh’s Birthday

Oct. 31- Halloween



Nov. 1- Hello Kitty’s Birthday

Nov. 18th- Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

Nov. 19- Tinkerbell’s Birthday

Nov. 28- Thanksgiving



Dec. 21- Elsa’s Birthday (Frozen)

Dec. 24- Little Twin Stars’ Birthday

Dec. 25- Christmas Day

Other Conventions to Look Out For: 

  • Minnesota Ageplayers Societal Sock Hop
  • DipStock
  • Camp Abdulia
  • Fort Kickass

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