Diving into the Lifestyle, Part 8: The Best Sex Positions for DDLG Couples to Try! [Cg/l 8-Part Series]

Hi My Friends!

Happy New Year!! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. Today is the final part to our 8-part series, “Diving into the Lifestyle”, which has focused on taking a deeper look into the dynamics of Cg/l relationships. I’d like to wrap up this series by showing you 10 different sex positions that DDLG couples can enjoy. Of course I have to mention that choosing to incorporate sex into your D/s relationship is entirely up to you. Please do what feels right. If you are a non-sexual Little or you simply choose to not mingle your D/s relationship with your sex life, that is entirely fine. (There are articles to the right side widget panel of this page for non-sexual littles, so please feel free to read up on those! šŸ™‚ ). For those wishing to incorporate more sex positions into your Little Space here are a few ideas to spice things up:


This position is so intimate and sensual. Imagine snuggling your Little in your arms as you gently hold them tight. In having them pressed up against your body, you slowly snake your hands down their curves. You feel every inch of their skin, comforting them… soothing them… before you press in. With their legs raised in the fetal position, their princess parts are open and give you easy access to be taken. This is a great position to begin making love before you switch into something more intense. ā¤


This position is excellent for training your Little to obey. You can command them to straddle your lap as you pull back against their hips and stomach to penetrate even deeper. This position is also great for Littles of any size, because the angle allows the little to lean forward as she rocks back against you.


The Standing Hound is the epitome of being taken by your dominant. It’s such a vulnerable position that takes trust and safety. Ensure that your Little won’t bang her head on anything as you pound her from behind. Support her around her waist, if you feel her knees getting wobbly with ecstasy and pleasure. And give her extra love and comfort, should you finish in her and she stands up and begins to “queefe”. It can be embarrassing for the girl, but remember… it’s just air that you pounded into her vagina. So love on her, and reassure her that her body is still yours and it is precious.


Many girls have never given a lap dance before, so this position is great for teaching them how, while having sex all at the same time! You can change this position up by pulling your sub back against your body, spreading her legs wide, and using your chest for her to slide against as she rides you. Find an angle that is comfortable for you both and enjoy being pressed together. Relish in the feeling of your girl riding your cock as you take her over and over.


The Seashell is an excellent position that is naturally dominant and allows for very deep penetration. Be mindful of how far her legs can stretch as you move her into position. Watch her body language and use her cues to gauge your speed.


It’s always fun to change up places to have sex in the house, and Row His Boat does exactly just that. Make sure you choose a very stable chair to test out this position. Slide down in the chair, if need be, to give her easier access to your cock. Then… row, row, row his boat.. šŸ˜‰


Most people love the feeling of doggy. Thrusting forward feels so natural for men, and being on all fours (as the female) feels natural, primal, and incredibly sexy too. Standing Doggy elevates this traditional position to the next level. Plant your feet firmly and bend over against the side of the bed to do this position. The worst case scenario is that you go flying into the bed… in which case, your dom can then take you from behind against the bed! šŸ™‚


This naughty, delicious position is fun to incorporate into fantasy roleplay scenes together. Maybe you’re acting out a rape fantasy… or a stranger-molestation scene… or a teacher-student scene… or a doctor-patient scene… you get the idea. It gives the dom the upper hand to feel empowered as you bend her forward and frisk her body before penetrating. For the female, you feel small, weak, and “helpless”. It’s incredibly hot.


This position is especially great for DDLG couples because you can spank your little one, bending her over the arm of the sofa, before you take her from behind. Watch her squeal and moan loudly as she dances on the line between pain and pleasure. ā¤


Lastly, is The Butter Churner. This position might appear to be for only the nimblest of girls, however with pillows or a wedge as a prop to support the lower back, anyone can enjoy this position. This position definitely falls more on the “rough sex” side of the spectrum, but that is exactly why it is so wonderful for DDLG couples. Not all sex within Little Space needs to be gentle, sensual, and slow. As things heat up and you both want to shift into more intense pounding, give this position a try. No doubt she will be screaming with delight with every thrust you give, as you pound directly down into her.

Alright, that’s it from me for today, my friends! I hope you enjoyed these sex positions and found some inspiration to bring into your own life. Stay tuned for the next post, have a wonderful day, and as always, keep on smiling! šŸ™‚

~Penny Xx


  1. Well we just came across this post! We have used one or two of these positions before but NOT the Seashell or Row the boat! The Seashell is the first time I have squirted DURING penetration!! Wow!! Rex really found the spot with his penis…again and again! It was wonderful. Thankyou Penny! I never thought I would try it but we did. My legs are a little still now. My glutes are tender!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *Cheers you both on*!! You are quite welcome, my friend! And tell Rex I’m cheering him on too! There are a ton more positions I’m going to write about, so stay tuned! šŸ˜‰ xx


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