Day 4: A Letter to Your Future Self! [100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding]

Hi My Friends!

We’re back with day 4 of the “100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding”, and today is all about connecting deeper within yourself. One thing you’ll hear me say often in these posts, is to take time for self-exploration. Why do you want to be a submissive? What natural qualities do you possess as a dominant? What led you to the path of Cg/l and BDSM? What expectations do you have for your dominant or Little? These are important questions that need answering before you jump into any Cg/l relationship. Take time to focus on yourself and who you are. Grow comfortable with discussing your feelings and desires.


Just as we look inward, so too do we towards the future and what goals we want as a D/s couple. Today’s bonding activity will require you to take some time to write a letter to your future self. Who you are now, as a dominant or a submissive, won’t be who you are 1 year from now. Think about what goals you hope to achieve both individually and as a couple. Do you want to become more active in the Cg/l community? If you’re long distance, do you hope to meet up in person? Are you in the middle of training, and wish to be collared one day by your dominant? Are you a solo dominant looking for the perfect Little to complete your life? Write down your thoughts and feelings on today’s printable stationary. Then take time to share your letters with your partner. Tuck the letters away and read them 1 year (or longer) down the road.

As promised, I am doing these bonding activities right along with you. So for today, I will write my letter here on the post. I hope you all enjoy it. ❤

~Penny Xx

To get your day 4 “Letter to Your Future Self” printable click here! 


Dear Future Kitten,

Girl, I am so proud of you! Look at how far you’ve come. In just 1 year you went from living your Cg/l life quietly behind closed doors, afraid of opening up to the world, to busting through that door and then some! By the time you read this 1 year from now, I hope you will have started your YouTube channel more fully. Don’t worry about your hair. It’s poofy. Get over it. No one really cares. You deserve to let your light shine. You have a million creative ideas that are dying to be shared with the community… so go get’em! You’ve got this!

Remember to slow down too. I know you run all the time and often feel tired at the end of the day, but never forget to take time to dance. In fact, you should take breaks in your writing to jump up and do a happy dance! (Are you doing one yet?….. I’ll wait.). Okay, good. 🙂

Kitten, I’m proud of you. Life hasn’t been easy. It has taken years of learning, training, and re-learning things with Daddy to get to where you are. But you know the depth of time, knowledge, and practice it took to proudly wear the collar around your neck. There is a reason why it is a padlock now. This is our lifestyle. Not just a weekend kink. Never stop being creative… different… and weird. Never stop marching to your own beat. Always make time for Little Space and get silly. Spread love in the world, because you have so much to give. And know that what you put out really will come back to you three times over. Keep on dancing, girl. I believe in you!


~Me ❤


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