When Your Dom Says “Stop”… [Kitten’s Ramblings]

“I can’t do it”, I told my husband shaking my head. As my dominant, he sat there listening to me attentively as I nearly cried from stress. The past couple of days have been difficult for personal reasons. Then, he placed a hand on my shoulder and said one word: stop. I took a deep breath. I had been slowly getting stressed out with Instagram. I always felt like I had to be posting on there. If I didn’t, I would lose followers. I also felt the stress of having to show off my face and body on there all the time. Again, if I didn’t, I would lose followers. But then his warm, tender hand touched mine and he said those words that my soul had been yearning to hear: Stop. Just stop.

As my dominant, I had to trust that he knew what was best for me. Stopping everything for a day or two was hard. I would want to sit down and write until my fingers ached. I would glance at my phone, wondering if I had made the right move to tear down my Instagram. (Side note: We’ll be making a joint Instagram page with my Daddy in control of most of it. So stay tuned for more info on that!).

But he knew that I needed to stop, and so I obeyed. He knew that the buzzing of my phone with every notification was giving me unnecessary stress. He knew that my mind was cluttered, and there was no way that I could focus enough to produce a blog post. But he also knew that my heart would be longing to be back here, writing to all of you, in no time. And so he slammed on my brakes. This is the beauty of a D/s relationship. I could be in charge of my life, but I don’t want to. In reality, I am a strong, confident woman. I have to be that as an adult. Which is why it is that much sweeter to submit to him. To obey him. To place my absolute trust, faith, and love in him. It has taken years for us to get to this point and the journey hasn’t been easy. But finally, (after a billion conversations and much trial and error) we are here. We found a rhythm that works for us.

Learning to pause and obey your dom on a moments notice isn’t easy. It isn’t always “fun” either. Just the other day when he told me to stop, I wasn’t even in a Little head space. I was adult me. And yet, I chose to submit because at the core of my being, I am a submissive. I chose to sign that contract that we created together. (Note: if you don’t have a contract, Daddy and I created a great free printable contract for Cg/l couples that you can find here!). I chose to walk this path with him, and to support him being in charge of us. If I’m being honest, it feels natural for him to be the head of our household and the head of my life.

Obey because you truly want to. Submit because you love and care. And stay quiet, because you’ll always learn something when you do.

That’s it from me, my friends. Stay tuned for the next post. Have a wonderful Friday, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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