Day 15: Create a Goal Map to Guide Your Sub [100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding]

Hi My Friends!

Today is day 15 of the “100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding” and today we are creating a goal map to lay out 2019 goals for us as submissives. Begin by having your dominant draw a goal map on a piece of paper or poster board.


Write ” 2019 Sub Goals” in the center bubble. Then begin discussing what goals you want to achieve this year. Use this opportunity to learn what your dom expects from you. What are some areas that need improvement in your D/s relationship? What are some dreams that you desire to achieve together as a couple? Are there goals that you have for yourself as an individual that you need your dom’s help to push you to achieve? Are there things you can do better as a sub to better please your dom? Ponder over these questions and discuss your answers before filling out your bubble chart. Then tack it on the wall, or anywhere that you look often and stick to your goals. Let’s make 2019 productive! Enjoy this activity everyone, have a wonderful day, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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