Days 16 & 17: My Perfect Little Meal & Discussing Hard Limits [100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding]

== Day 16 == 

When it comes to Little Space, every little has their own favorite little food. Maybe it’s a snack of goldfish or gummi bears. Maybe it’s a meal of a soup or pasta dish that is reminiscent of their childhood. Whatever the case may be, little space food is a wonderful tool to help shift your submissive into the head space. For this activity, sit down and make a list of your favorite foods to eat while in little space. Then go shopping and keep a few on hand. This is especially helpful if you are in a long distance D/s relationship, because you will be able to have a little space “tool” on hand when you feel lonely. Here are few more tips for incorporating little space food into your submissive’s life:

  • Order a children’s meal from the drive-thru for them and surprise them with it when you get home.
  • Cut up their normal meal into bite-sized pieces. This will instantly shift their head space into little space.
  • Order for them when you are out to eat at a restaurant together.
  • Keep a stash of their favorite little snacks on hand in the cupboards. Then create a pillow fort and have a movie and snacks night in.
  • Find out what their favorite childhood meals were when they were young. Make an adventure/date out of it, and recreate their favorite meals while cooking in the kitchen together.

== Day 17 ==

I am a huge fan of every D/s couple having a contract. (If you’re a Cg/l couple and you don’t have one, I created a contract specifically for Cg/l couples which can be found here!). When you enter a D/s relationship it’s important to know what your partner’s hard and soft limits are. If you’re new to the lifestyle:

  • A Hard Limit: is an act that is non-negotiable that you are not going to try with your partner. Period.
  • A Soft Limit: is something that you are not particularly keen on, but you might have a curiosity about it anyway. There might be feelings of anxiousness, nervousness, and hesitation involved. So, great care should be taken when discussing the possibility of trying a soft limit.

For this activity, sit down with your partner and discuss what hard and soft limits you have. If you’re unsure of where to start, I have created a kinks and fetishes checklist, available in the FREE printables page on my blog, to get you two going! 🙂 The more knowledge you have of your partner, the more satisfying your play sessions will be. I hope you enjoy bonding and connecting with each other on a deeper level. Never be ashamed of the kinks and fetishes that you have. They are what makes you, YOU! Embrace all of yourself, and love who you are inside and out.

That’s it for this post, my friends. Stay tuned for the next one! Have a wonderful Thursday, and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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