In Daddy’s Hands [Kitten’s Ramblings]

I turn my head and look at him,

His wild hair surrounding his face.

His soft, plump lips so still and inviting,

Reminds me of the day we fell in love.

The ebb and flow of life unfolds,

Always twisting and turning with each day.

But his love is never-failing, always persistent, never ceasing,

Like an endless well that was built for me.

I scoop my cup into his love,

Taking just a simple drink for today.

Enough to press on when I feel so tired,

And it restores my health completely.

I gaze into his eyes,

Those deep, chocolate ovals.

So dark and mysterious,

Yet flooded with warmth.

And know that he holds my soul in the palm of his hand.

It is there that my soul dances, my heart thrives,

Yes, in my Daddy’s hands is the place where I belong.


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