Cg/l Summer Date Bucket List [FREE Printable!]

Hi Friends!

While summer is still a ways off, I wanted to share with you this great Cg/l summer date bucket list printable! These ideas are sure to get your brain simmering with creative ways to squeeze in Little Space dates all summer long. I hope you enjoy them!

~Penny Xx

To get your Cg/l Summer Date Bucket List printable, click here! 

Cg/l Summer Date Bucket List!

1.       Visit a museum

2.      Have a cookout

3.      Spend the day at the beach

4.      Go to a baseball game

5.      Visit a water park

6.      Watch fireworks

7.       Have an ice cream date

8.      Go camping and make s’mores

9.      Watch a sunrise/sunset in the same day

10.    Go to an amusement park

11.    Have a board game night

12.   Visit an aquarium

13.   Go to a free outdoor concert

14.   Visit a farm

15.   Play laser tag

16.   Pick berries (check out a local U-Pick farm)

17.   Invent a new recipe

18.   Make tie-dye shirts

19.    Go fishing

20.  Make homemade ice cream



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