2019 Cg/l Convention & Informational Calendar


TomKat ABDL Camping Retreat Sign up’s Open up (Ontario, Canada) 

January 8- National Bubble Bath Day

January 14- National Rubber Duckie Day

January 18th- My Melody’s Birthday

January 19th- National Popcorn Day

January 31st- National Backwards Day



Feb 2- Groundhog Day

Feb. 6- Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Feb. 14- Valentine’s Day

Feb. 22- International World Thinking Day

Feb. 26th- Tell a Fairy Tale Day



March 5- Mardi Gras

March 15th- Absolutely, Incredible Kid Day

March 17- St. Patrick’s Day

March 20th- Rapunzel’s Birthday (Tangled)

-Chicago Ageplayers Convention (CapCon) March 28-April 1 (sign up here!)



April 1st- Gudetama’s Birthday

April 2- International Children’s Book Day

April 14th International Moment of Laughter Day

April 20th- Lookalike Day

April 21- Easter

April 25th World Penguin Day

April 27th- Tell a Story Day

April 28th- Eeyore’s Birthday



May 1st- Mother Goose Day

May 2- Chip of Sanrio’s Birthday

May 4th- “May the 4th Be With You” Day

May 12- Tuxedo Sam of Sanrio’s Birthday & MOMMY’S DAY ( Mother’s Day)!

May 30- Pusheen’s Birthday

May 31- Peppa Pig’s Birthday



June 7th- National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 10th-17th- TOMKat Campout Retreat (Canada) (sign up here!) 

June 16th- DADDY’S DAY! (Father’s Day)

June 21- Anna’s Birthday (Frozen)



July 1- International Joke Day

July 10- Teddy Bear’s Picnic Day & Keroppi (of Sanrio)’s Birthday

July 30- International Day of Friendship

July 31st- Harry Potter’s Birthday


Aug 3- Watermelon Day

Aug. 29- Oswald the Octopus’ Birthday



Sept. 3- Daniel Tiger’s Birthday

Sept. 6-8- The West Coast Jungle Gym (get your tickets here!) 

Sept 13- Positive Thinking Day

Sept. 15- Make a Hat Day

Sept. 16th-23rd- TOMKat Camping Retreat (Canada) (Sign up here) 

Sept 17th- Curious George’s Birthday

Sept. 19th- International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Sept. 21- International Peace Day

Sept. 22- Elephant Appreciation Day & Hobbit Day (LOTR)



Teddycon, Oct. (exact date TBA, stay tuned here)

US Littles International Ageplay Retreat (exact date TBA, stay tuned here!) 

Oct. 4- Taco Day

Oct. 7- World Smile Day

Oct. 14th- Winnie the Pooh’s Birthday

Oct. 31- Halloween



Nov. 1- Hello Kitty’s Birthday

Nov. 18th- Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s Birthday

Nov. 19- Tinkerbell’s Birthday

Nov. 28- Thanksgiving



Dec. 21- Elsa’s Birthday (Frozen)

Dec. 24- Little Twin Stars’ Birthday

Dec. 25- Christmas Day

Other Cg/l Group Conventions to Look Out For This Year: 

Minnesota Ageplayers Societal Sock Hop:

An annual sock hop gathering in a neat CAPCon meets Abdulia spin-off.  Don’t miss the most exclusive ageplay event in Minnesota this year.

Swimming, Food, Fun, Activities & More!

.The sock hop is a smaller but growing, weekend-long event geared towards ageplayers of all ages. We strive to give guests the opportunity to feel welcome and be able to enjoy who they are with like minded individuals. There are many structured activities but guests are welcome to enjoy the amenities of the property as they wish. We have tried to fill the gap between Abdulia and CAPCon by providing the structured activities in a house party style environment.

FetLife Group Link: https://fetlife.com/groups/66520


Camp Abdulia:

So what is Camp Abdulia? It is a weekend-long party held for and by the younger set of AB/DLs & ageplayers who just prefer to party in a different way than other play parties have to offer. More than just a place to partake in crazy shenanigans and have fun with your kink, it is a place to make lifelong friends & family.

FetLife Group Link: https://fetlife.com/groups/58125

Camp Abdulia Profile: https://fetlife.com/users/2747356

Big Little Podcast about Abdulia: http://www.biglittlepodcast.com/2013/12/episode-94-age-play-house-parties/


Fort KickAss: 

Come get kinky with Fort Kickass!

Our aim is to provide an affordable get-away, in a location you can travel to without breaking the bank. Fort Kickass is open to anyone from ages 18 to 40 anywhere in the world.  Last time, guests joined us from as far away as England!   So make your plans, organize ride shares or book your flight today to be prepared! RSVP to one of the group leaders, or our KickassParties screen name to secure your spot.

FetLife Group Links: https://fetlife.com/groups/46643


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