A Cg/l-Style Collaring and Vows Ceremony! [FREE Printable!]

Hi My Friends!

I was reading a BDSM book a while ago, (which I’ll leave unnamed), and I was struck by a particular passage within the section about Cg/l. In the book, the author stated that most Littles don’t like to wear a collar. They said that most Littles prefer to have a ribbon around their neck instead, or don’t even wear a collar at all! I’d like to address this statement with my own.

Daddy and I Jan. 2019

Having seen many Littles online and in person, I can attest that many littles do, in fact, love to wear a collar. (Myself included). The style of collar varies, but the reason for choosing to wear one is pretty much universal. Littles are submissives at heart. We love the feeling of being claimed. We want to outwardly project that we are taken by our dominant, and that we are under literal lock and key. We want the sensation of a constant reminder that we are taken, owned, claimed, and desired by our daddy or mommy. My current collar was a gift given to me by my Daddy on our 5th wedding anniversary. It isn’t anything lavish, but I love it because I can’t remove it unless he unlocks the padlock himself. 🙂 It fits around my neck without being too snug, so I can go about my day without feeling choked in any way. (If you like it, you can purchase it too on Amazon here!).

But like I said, my collar has been an evolution. When I first got into the lifestyle, I wanted a collar for the sake of feeling “owned”. Back then, I didn’t really understand the ramifications behind it. I didn’t know that you needed to earn your collar from your dominant. I couldn’t grasp that you needed to demonstrate your submission and loyalty prior to being collared. It took time, mess up’s on my part, and many struggles to finally fall into the lifestyle and feel like I was being the Little who I am today.

I think there is a misconception from other sub-paths of submission that Littles are “fluffy”, “delicate”, and are put into this box of being “just” a Little. But that’s not really fair. Cg/l comprises a major branch under the BDSM umbrella and is therefore just as valid as any other form of submission. How you express yourself sexually, and within your D/s relationship is private, and entirely unique. If you want to wear a collar, go for it. If you don’t like the thought of wearing a collar, don’t! Do what feels natural for you and your dominant. But never believe the generalizations put out there about our community. There are many myths, accusations, and misconceptions about us even within the world of BDSM. Walk your own path, be who you are inside, and you’ll never go wrong.

I designed this Cg/l collaring ceremony, which I’m sharing with you today as a printable, for several reasons:

  1. I’m currently in the middle of writing my third book, which is an 8-week training guide for Cg/l couples. (So stay tuned for that on Amazon!).
  2. There wasn’t a ceremony designed for Littles by a Little that delicately handled the depth that should be placed upon collaring, but written in a way that is specifically for Littles. So, I decided to fill that void and create one myself! 🙂
  3. I love creating free printables for you all. Knowledge is power and I’m happy to share all that I know ❤

I hope you all enjoy this Cg/l Collaring and Vows Ceremony. Please use it as a blueprint for putting your own twist on a moment that you’ll remember in your D/s journey forever. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comment, or send me a direct email in the “Ask Penny!” page at the header above. As always, I hope you have a beautiful day, my friends, and keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

To get your FREE printable of the Cg/l Collaring & Vows Ceremony, click here!


Or… if you’d like to read it on this site, keep scrolling down! 🙂 


Cg/l Collaring and Vows Ceremony


Dominant: <insert sub’s little name>, today we have come together because you have completed your submissive training with me. This journey over the past several months has been a path we have walked together, day by day, to reach this point. You have bared your soul to me, and I, to you. Together we stand here more deeply in love than ever and today we will pledge ourselves to one another as dominant and submissive.

<insert sub’s little name>, today I claim you as my Little and today I will make you mine. From the moment we met, I knew there was something different about you. Something special and unique. Throughout this journey together it has been my honor to see you happy, vibrant, and full of joy as you enter Little Space. It has been a privilege to love, nurture, guide, and earn your trust and respect. As your (daddy/mommy) I promise to always love you. I promise to hold you when you’re feeling down. To wipe your tears away when you’re feeling sad, and to care for you when you’re feeling sick. I promise to make you laugh on a daily basis, and to guide you into Little Space, where I know you feel most free and at ease.


(Gently touch your Little’s forehead): May your mind always be free from stress, and when it is clouded may you turn and lean on me. I will guide and protect you.

(Gently touch your Little’s lips): May your lips always utter words of kindness. Follow my rules and be the beautiful, Little (girl/boy) that I know you can be.

(Gently touch your Little’s heart): May your heart be filled with ease that you are never alone in this life. (Daddy/Mommy) is right here with you.

(Gently take your Little’s hand): May your hands always intertwine with mine. These hands are the hands that fill me with joy. Know that mine are here to lead and protect you.

(Gently touch your Little’s tummy): May your stomach always be filled with nourishing food that I have placed before you. May it be ticked until you cry tears of laughter, and your body always find a place next to mine as you snuggle up in my arms.

(Gently touch your Little’s feet): And may your feet always know that here, with me, you are home. Know that you are loved.

(Say with emphasis): You are mine, little one. And I love you.


Submissive: (Daddy/Mommy) I come here today ready to serve you, knowing all that the path entails. I have walked this journey with you, being trained in your ways, because my heart lies with you. I know that to be a submissive means to love unconditionally, and it is my pledge that I will love and serve you now and forever.

As your Little I promise to be loyal. I promise to avert my eyes from those that will try and tempt me. I promise to keep my eyes fixed on you, the place that is my home.

I promise to be understanding, kind, and gentle. To take my punishments with grace when I’ve made a mistake, because I know you’re only trying to teach me to do better next time. I promise to love you and protect you, even when you think you may not need it. I promise to respect your authority, and to not brat or back talk to you when I’m in Little Space. As my (daddy/mommy) I know that you’re here to guide, teach, and uplift me. Today I give you control over me… body, mind, and soul. I am yours, just as you are mine.


Dominant: Kneel, Little One.

Dominant: (Place the collar around your Little’s neck as they are kneeling before you)

Dominant:  Do you accept this collar and the responsibility that it holds?

Submissive: Yes, (mommy/daddy). I do.

Dominant: Do you promise to serve me, and let me guide you as we move forward together as a couple?

Submissive: Yes, (mommy/daddy). I do.

Dominant: Do you promise to continue to learn about our lifestyle and always strive to discover more about yourself as a Little?

Submissive: Yes, (daddy/mommy). I will.

Dominant: Do you promise to adhere to my rules, knowing that they are to help you better yourself and to nurture your needs, in all aspects of your life?

Submissive: Yes, (daddy/mommy). I do.

Dominant: And do you promise to be loyal and faithful to me? To serve me with all of your heart?

Submissive: Yes, (daddy/mommy). I do.

(Snap the collar closed and lock it).

(The Little then ties a ribbon around the dominant’s wrist, or places a special chain/pendant around their neck).

Submissive: (Daddy/Mommy) do you promise to always be my (mommy/daddy)?

Dominant: Yes, <little’s name>. I do.

Submissive: (Daddy/Mommy) do you promise to always kiss my boo boo’s and cuddle me when I’m feeling sick?

Dominant: Yes, <little’s name>. I do.

Submissive: (Daddy/Mommy) do you promise to always play with me and to tuck me in at night and give each of my stuffies a kiss too?

Dominant: Yes, <little’s name>. I do.

Submissive: And do you promise to love me, and ONLY me, as your Little forever and ever and EVER?!

Dominant: Yes, Little One. I do. ❤

(And you’re bonded! Congratulations to you both, from Daddy Quinn and myself. May you have many beautiful years together walking in this lifestyle, side by side.)

~Daddy Quinn & Penny Berry Xx


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