Day 18: The Ideal Little/ Caregiver Checklist [100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding & FREE Printable!]

Hi My Friends!

I’m sitting here curled up in my writing chair, smiling to myself, as I reminisce about how I used to be prior to my first D/s relationship. Back then I didn’t know that I was a Little. I didn’t have a label for it, even though I already was exhibiting many of the same qualities that Littles possess. At the time, I wanted a dominant so desperately. I had read about BDSM and the thought of being dominated fully, made my toes curl and every cell electrify with longing. So, I did what any female who is a dreamer does when she longs for a man to dominate and take her: I made a “potential dom checklist”.


Now let’s fast forward to today. I created these two checklists/printables for you, not to say that your Little or Caregiver must meet all of the criteria. Quite the contrary. Every person is unique in their own way. One dominant’s style might be vastly different from another’s, however both will likely have similar character traits that make them healthy, and sound caregivers for their Littles. As I designed these lists I thought about what really matters in a Little and in a caregiver.

It doesn’t matter if they have a six pack. It doesn’t matter if they have dark, mysterious eyes like Christian Grey. It doesn’t matter if they have the perfect pigtails to use as “handlebars” or if they have long, lean legs complete with thigh high stockings. Beauty is only skin deep. What matters is who they are, how they behave, and what they stand for. Everything else is flexible. Does sexual attraction matter in a relationship? Of course. But is it the number one priority? Absolutely not.

So take these checklists and use them as a guide or blueprint into finding the right partner for YOU. Only you know what kind of partner ticks all of your boxes when looking for a D/s mate. Only you can determine if a relationship is meant to be. These checklists are merely a guide for character qualities that one would hope that your partner has. (Note: I hardly put any physical qualities on the checklists because everyone as a specific “taste” in the type of person they are attracted to).

In short, if you’re out there looking for a potential D/s partner my advice to you is this: move slowly. Take your time and choose with great care. Watch how they treat other people, because chances are that’s how they will eventually treat you too. Judge someone for who they are, and what they stand for, rather than the size of their breasts or their body shape. Now I’ll hush, and end it here in hopes that you all enjoy these checklists and get plenty of use from them. Have a wonderful rest of the day, my friends, and as always, keep on smiling!

~Penny Xx

The Ideal Little Checklist: 

To get your FREE printable about how to find the Ideal Little, click here! 

The Ideal Caregiver Checklist:  

To get your FREE printable about how to find the Ideal Caregiver, click here!  

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