Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby (Part 6): Period Sex Isn’t Gross! [10-Part Series]

Good Morning Friends!

Today we’re going to talk about period sex. So if the thought of a woman’s period makes you squeamish, then I will see you on the next post. 🙂 For everyone else, let’s dive in.

Period sex wasn’t something that I did when I first became sexually active at 19. In fact, it wasn’t something that I did for years. Like so many other women, I hid my pads under the cupboard out of sight in the bathroom and when it was that time of the month, I curled up into a ball keeping to myself like a leper. It was ridiculous. When I met my husband all of that changed. For once, I had a man who didn’t view my period as something “disgusting” or revolting. He never cracked jokes about it, or made me feel guilty if I had bouts of PMS. He simply wanted to understand how to help ease my discomfort.


This opened the door for us to exploring being intimate during my cycle. At first I rejected the idea completely. “You’ll look like the civil war happened on you!” I exclaimed with wide eyes. “So? We’ll put down towels” he said with a shrug and a gentle smile. I narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. He seriously wanted to have sex with me during my period. Eyeing him closely, I began to wrap my brain around the idea. “Okay… but no red wings” I said pointing a finger at him. He chuckled shaking his head.

Period sex is often painted as something taboo or disgusting. Images of blood everywhere come to mind, as if it’s going to look more like a crime scene rather than post-coital bliss. But if I’m being totally honest, even after having sex on day 2 of my period (the heaviest day), it isn’t that messy! Certainly nothing that a towel and a couple of baby wipes can’t fix. So we began having sex during my cycle. Suddenly I felt more liberated than ever. No longer did I have to rule out intimacy for one week of the month. I didn’t feel like I had to hide this natural part of my body anymore. I wasn’t ashamed to tell him how I was feeling from month to month, and in doing so, he began to learn the ebb and flow of my cycle.

Note: Speaking of flow! There is an amazing FREE app called FLO (totally not sponsored by them), which I highly recommend you downloading onto your phone. It helps you track your cycle and sends notifications when you’re getting close. It also tracks your ovulation cycle. So now I can tell when I’m going to PMS, when I’m about to bleed, and when I’m in neither stage just feeling great! This app is so helpful that my husband also put it on his phone. Now whenever I’m grumpy he will do a quick tap on the app to see if I’m PMSing but may not realize it. lol!

Now let’s look at a few reasons why period sex is amazing, and why I recommend that you do it too:

I. Orgasms help; chocolate does not: 

Oh how twisted this fact is, but I promise you that it’s true! We crave chocolate and everything sweet on our period, YET sugar actually makes your menstrual symptoms worse, not better. However, having an orgasm contracts the muscles and eases relief because it helps stretch out the abdominal muscles and press out some of the flow. (Gory, I know. My apologies). But it really does work! Not to mention that an orgasm gives a burst of endorphins, so you feel happy and giddy when your body is feeling icky and heavy. If period sex is a bit too much for you to bear, grab a vibrator and have an orgasm that way. Trust me, it achieves the same result with minimal clean up. So back away from the candy and embrace your sex toys instead. *grins*

II. Blood is a natural lubricant: 

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the feeling of lube. It’s slimy… wet… and cold. But then you purchase the “warming” gel and that stuff is like lava down there! Has anyone else felt that way too? Blood, on the other hand, is already there and makes everything slick and slippery. Just slip it in… and go. I promise you that it doesn’t feel weird, or squishy. You’re not going to come out “dripping” and look like you murdered your partner. If you’re super concerned, have a towel beneath you and another right next to you for when your partner pulls out. That way you can wipe them off right away and they won’t even see the blood at all.

III. Period sex makes you feel pretty when you are feeling icky: 

I’m about to get real for a moment about how it feels to have a period. Many people assume that when you say your “cycle” that you’re referring to the 5-7 days in which you bleed. But in actuality, a woman’s cycle lasts for 30 days. There is a 12-14 day period in which the body is at it’s baseline, gradually working towards ovulation. Then you ovulate halfway through your cycle. (I call this my “fuck me now” phase, because like millions of other women… we get really horny during ovulation). Then our hormones drop and we enter “PMS”, where our emotions feel just a tad off kilter and we have massive cravings for things. Finally we begin to menstruate and our hormones begin to rise. But as we enter PMS, many women experience: bloating, tender breasts, cramping, mood swings, food cravings, etc. It can be a real pain in the rump!

Having period sex makes you feel normal when your body feels anything but normal. You feel desired, and I dare say, might even want to go the extra mile to primp up a little for your partner because they’ve made you feel sexy again. It lifts your mood to be able to handle your cycle without getting down. The benefits are numerous, so if your partner is nearing their period, I would suggest that perhaps you offer to have sex during their cycle. You’ll be surprised at how much it really turns their mood around. 🙂

IV. You use up those pent up hormones: 

Does anyone else get horny while they are bleeding? *raises my hand* Am I the only one? (I hope not). Well, for me, I know that despite bleeding, feeling heavy and icky, my brain still wants to have sex during my period. Even when I’m curled up on the couch with a heating pad over my stomach thinking, “brain c’mon!! What the heck?! It’s day two!!”, my brain will quickly reply, “yeah… but you know you wanna ride it…”. And it’s true. I do want to ride it hehe! Yes, I get completely aroused as my hormones return and everything is stabilizing in my body.

So, I indulge those desires. I have sex during my period with wild abandon!! Okay… maybe not “wild”. It’s more like:

Me: daddy, did we grab enough towels?

Daddy: Mhmm.

Me: Are you suuure? Because I seriously don’t want to mess up the comfort–

(Daddy places a finger to my lips)

Daddy: Just relax.

So it’s not exactly “wild”. And it’s probably not the most sexy moment you’ll ever have in bed. But it does feel amazing and it helps move the period along faster. So should you do it? Oh hell yes. 😉

That’s it from me for this post, my friends. Stay tuned for the next one. Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone and as always, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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