Day 20: “Never Have I Ever…” DDLG Edition! [100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding]

Good Morning Friends!

I woke up today and felt so happy and little. In fact, I felt so little that today I’m wearing my tutu dress! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s pretty. Anyway, it’s day 20 of the “100 Days of Dom-Sub Bonding” and today I want to play a game!

I’m SO excited!! Do you want to play with me? ๐Ÿ˜€

Okay, for today’s bonding game, we will be playingย  “Never Have I Ever…” but in a DDLG way! ๐Ÿ™‚

** If you enjoy this game, there are many more in “The DDLG Busy Book” available on Amazon **

So grab your partner and let’s get started! โค Here are some “Never Have I Ever…” statements. You each will begin by holding up 10 fingers. Read a statement aloud from the list below that you’ve never done. If your partner has done it, they will put a finger down. Then it’s their turn to read a statement to you. The first person to put down all of their fingers loses. ๐Ÿ™‚ Have fun, giggle, and enjoy!

~Penny Xx

“Never Have I Ever…” DDLG Edition

  1. Never have I ever… eaten baby food from a jar as a Little.
  2. Never have I ever… worn a diaper in public.
  3. Never have I ever…. fantasized about being taken while in my onesie.
  4. Never have I ever… soiled my diaper.
  5. Never have I ever…. wanted to go into little space while out in public.
  6. Never have I ever… called my dom “daddy” or “mommy” in front of a vanilla person.
  7. Never have I ever… wanted to be tied up and spanked as a “FUN-ishment”.
  8. Never have I ever… bratted my dom to get their attention.
  9. Never have I ever… worn a onesie or cute little clothes to get my dom aroused.
  10. Never have I ever… gone into little space by myself.
  11. Never have I ever… cooked a meal while in little space.
  12. Never have I ever… fallen asleep with a pacifier (or a thumb) in my mouth.
  13. Never have I ever…been to a DDLG convention.
  14. Never have I ever…been scrubbed down in a bath by my dom.
  15. Never have I ever… made a new Little friend, or made friends with another Cg/l couple.
  16. Never have I ever… called my sub her pet name in front of vanilla people
  17. Never have I ever… fallen asleep on a chair from exhaustion
  18. Never have I ever… fantasized about age play
  19. Never have I ever… sexted
  20. Never have I ever… intentionally seduced my sub while in public
  21. Never have I ever… gotten carried away prompting my sub to use her safe word
  22. Never have I ever… wanted to try being a switch
  23. Never have I ever… have a play session with other doms and subs
  24. Never have I ever… enjoyed one of my sub’s toys so much that I wanted to keep it
  25. Never have I ever… “stalked” a potential sub to learn more about them
  26. Never have I ever… dressed up to impress my sub
  27. Never have I ever… watched a BDSM movie/show and critiqued the inconsistencies/fallacies
  28. Never have I ever… done sleep sex with my sub
  29. Never have I ever… made my sub cum over the phone because I was out of town
  30. Never have I ever… made my sub wear a plug under her dress while out in public



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