Striding & Stress [Kitten’s Ramblings]

Good Morning Friends,

Over the past two days I have seen three different doctors. (I like to keep a pulse on my health). Each time I went to see a specialist for one reason or another, they would all ask me the same question: “Have you been stressed lately?”. By the third time around I blinked. “Well… yeah” I said slowly, “who isn’t?”. But I got the message loud and clear. I have been so stressed lately, pushing myself towards a million different projects and writing posts, that my health began to suffer. So I took a step back. And then another one. Then I quieted the world down a whole lot and fell asleep. In fact, I slept for 9 hours two days in a row! (That’s unusual for me).

In the process of doing so, I began to see my need to disconnect from social media for a bit. So I logged out of my Instagram account. That felt good. Then, I took a day off from blogging. That was much needed too. Finally, I watched an incredible sermon from Transformation Church about striding.

Striding: walking with slow, purposeful steps in a designated direction.

I was so busy striving that I didn’t see that what I really needed to do was to stride. I needed to slow down. Take a breath. And move with care. When I get all stressed out, I have trouble slipping into Little Space. But after being completely wiped out, and swimming with doctor’s appointments, I fell into baby babble and tugged on my husbands shirt. “Snuggies” I mumbled, feeling so lethargic. Without a word, he scooped me up into his arms and I quickly passed out on his stomach. I felt warm, safe, and loved. Since then, he and I have worked to establish a new routine for myself. I can blog on here, but major writing projects will have to be scheduled only several times a week. Bedtime stories are a must, as they relax the mind and ease stress.

We check in daily with each other, and usually it’s me rambling for nearly an hour as he listens attentively and offers up suggestions. Yes, my Daddy is making my world simple again. And in time, by doing so, I know my health will improve and I’ll be back stronger than ever in no time. 🙂  I hope wherever you are in the world that today is a beautiful, relaxing day. I hope you’re staying warm, and taking care of yourselves. Until tomorrow everyone, keep on smiling! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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