Football Brings Out the Daddy Within [Kitten’s Story Time]

Good Morning Friends,

Right now it is pouring down rain, and I am curled up inside praying that the storm doesn’t blow out the internet… again. Yesterday was Super Bowl 53! Congratulations to the New England Patriots for winning this year’s Super Bowl. If you aren’t a football fan, or you missed the game, you’ll get a basic recap in this post so keep on reading. I grew up in a household where football was basically a religion. During football season (Sept.-Feb.) my dad would sit down in his chair and watch various games at scheduled times. As kids, we knew that when the New York Giants came on, we were not to make a peep in the living room unless it was cheering on the game.

Then of course there were college games. My dad brought us up on Notre Dame (Fighting Irish!) and even went so far as to sit my brother and I down to watch “Rudy” multiple times. Football was a part of the family. My dad coached my brothers team when he was younger, and even though it wasn’t my brothers preferred sport… they bonded over it anyway.


Now as an adult I had the privilege of reliving those childhood memories last night and sharing them with my Daddy. You see, my husband (and Daddy) grew up in the Philippines. While he has been living in America for quite some time now, American football was never something that he learned how to play, watch, or understand. He knew that men donned helmets and gear before crashing into each other, but that’s about it. When I casually asked him if he wanted to watch the Super Bowl he replied, “I don’t know… I’ve never watched it before”. I did a double take at him, and then began to grin. “Oh Daddy…” I said in a sly tone, “I’m about to teach you how we do football in America”.

I. Food and Beer: 

The Super Bowl is just as much about the food as it is about the game, am I right?! So off to the store we went to grab chips and dip, wings, you name it! Yes, the Super Bowl is an excuse to cook up a bunch of appetizers and drink a cold beer. My daddy was thoroughly pleased with this part. While he generally tunes into e-sports (think DOTA 2), sitting back with a cold beer in one hand, a plate of food on his lap, and me tucked into his other arm, he felt very manly. We noshed on all kinds of cheap, simple food that we could toss in the oven, and then focus on our time together.

II. Explaining the Rules: 

Then it was time to explain to him how football actually worked! I pointed out the teams, the scoring system, and pointed out things on the screen so that he could understand what a “1st down” or “3rd down” actually was. His face lit up as he absorbed everything quickly. By the halftime show he had already figured out the basics and was hollering at the screen, “How could he miss that field goal?!”. I gently patted his thigh grinning, “Now you’re sounding like an American”. 😉

III. Sports Brings Everyone Together: 

We didn’t have a preference if the New England Patriots or the L.A. Rams won when we first began watching the game. But like any great sports game, regardless of the team, we got completely into it. Both teams had incredible defense lineups. The Rams really made the Patriots work for their win. But the star of the show was the dynamic duo, Julian Edelman and Tom Brady. Brady is just so good as a quarterback (even though last night wasn’t his finest performance), and Edelman was on fire as he took off down the field. No one could cover him as he sprinted past guards and “faked out” his opponents. It looked as if he were dancing his way towards the end zone.

“GO! GO! GO!!” my Daddy shouted at the screen as the Patriots took off again pushing hard down the field with each pass. I couldn’t help but grin. Here is an amazing man who didn’t know a thing about football not hours before. And now, here we were embracing an American tradition together and I couldn’t have felt more blessed. You don’t need to follow football or even know much to enjoy the sport. Just come with your favorite beverage in hand and enjoy the show. Time, family, and fun is what this great sport is all about. Maybe you and your daddy/mommy can tune into a sports game together? Make a date out of it! I promise that you’ll have fun. 🙂

That’s it from me for this post! I hope you all have a beautiful start to the week. Stay tuned for the next post, and as always, keep on smiling, my friends! 🙂

~Penny Xx

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