Marching to My Own “Little” Beat [Story Time]

Hi Friends!

Today I want to tell you about a moment I had while I was out and about the other day. I recently purchased a new purse for myself. In true, Penny Berry fashion, I chose pink. Not just pink… bright pink. In fact, it has glitter, buttons, patches…. well…. I’ll just show you!


While out walking on a popular trail a few days ago, I was walking side by side with my daddy. A pack of women around my age were walking a few yards behind me. Seeing my glittery backpack I heard them strike up a conversation among themselves:

Woman 1: Oh, I remember carrying a bag for my child.

Woman 2: Yeah, all those days of lugging around a diaper bag.

Woman 3: And then I was carrying their backpacks whenever they didn’t want to carry them!

They proceeded to speed walk past my daddy and I giving us friendly smiles, no doubt wanting a look at who was carrying the pink, glittery backpack. I chuckled inside. In a large, vanilla world sometimes we, Littles, tend to stand out a bit. We carry (or wear) items that people think are meant for children. We find the playful among the mundane. We create a magical, whimsical world out of the ordinary. We shun the trends of taupe, mauve, and beige purses for glitter, color, and patches. And you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Most of the time I march about in my brightly-colored attire without much of a second glance. But every now and then I see a pair of eyes peering at me for a few seconds too long. It is in those moments where I am about to blush that I tell myself to take a moment of pause…. and relax. I am simply being me. I am a Little. I wear pink shoes and pretty dresses that twirl. I carry glittery backpacks and sleep with a stuffie. I put bows in my hair, and have a “Little voice” that I slip into (especially if I’m hurting or feel afraid). Being Little is me, and I’m pretty proud of that. 🙂

I hope you all are having a relaxing, beautiful week. Stay tuned for more posts and as always, keep on smiling! ❤

~Penny Xx


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