Day 1 of Little Introspection: Why Are You a Little?

Hi Friends!

Did you know that the month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month? As someone who is a strong advocate for mental health issues, I decided that every day this month I would be taking a moment for introspection. My hope is that these large Cg/l questions and issues also resonate with you to some level. Ask yourself these questions. Take time for self-reflection. The more you know who you are, the better you can connect with others. 🙂 That said, let’s dive in.

Day 1: Why are you a little? 

At a glance, this question seems easy to answer. I am a little because it’s who I am. At the core of my being I am playful, silly, and generally happy-go-lucky. I am an optimist who thrives around people who are also optimists and aren’t afraid to be different. I am deeply feeling and believe in the power of hope and prayer. I am a Little because I absolutely love all things Disney, and I’m usually singing some song of the week out loud.

But let’s go deeper into the psychology of being a Little. Why am I a Little versus another form of submission?

I am a Little because parts of me never were able to flourish at the recommended period of child development. Back when I studied Humanities and Early Childhood Development in college, I learned the importance of being able to experiment with who you are during childhood. When a child announces that they wish to be an astronaut, teacher, or firefighter, their imagination takes flight and they can be seen drawing pictures, playing pretend, and connecting with their dreams. When those periods of development are stunted, and the child is forced to “grow up” at an early age, fragments of development happen. The child grows into an adult who is unsure of what they want to be. Suddenly they are all grown up and expected to know who they are, and what they’re doing with their life.

My parents divorced when I was 10. And unlike the many children of divorced families out there who do the “house to house” shuffle between their parents, I did not. Instead, both of my parents turned inward with their pain, choosing to stop parenting altogether. I was left to fend for myself from that point onward until I left home at 18 and never returned.

So returning to the question of the day: why am I a Little? Because it’s the “inner child” within me that I allow to explore during play sessions. Being a Little cultivates that free, happy, peaceful part of me in which I can slip on “rose colored glasses” again and let go of my adult mind. Under the care and guidance of my dominant, I can let who I am as a silly, playful, mischievous, and curious soul come out. I can allow my emotions to take the forefront and know that I’m not being judged for it. If I feel shy, then I simply feel shy. My cheekbones can blush, and I might tilt my head as I peer with my curious, hazel-colored eyes. If I feel playful I might laugh and try to tickle you.

My Little side is that part of me that for so many years lay dormant, and now is allowed to live. Perhaps to a degree it is some form of therapy, though I hardly look at it that way. As I sit here writing this post in my Pixar “Up” dress and Hello Kitty slippers, I prefer to think of being a Little as simply sharing my soul with the world. To know my Little side is to peer into a deeper piece of me. 🙂

So, what about you? Why are YOU a Little?

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday filled with love, rainbows, sunshine, and lots of love. Keep smiling friends and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post!

~Penny Xx

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