Day 2 of Little Introspection: What is the Hardest Part About Being a Little?

Hi Friends!

I’m back with another day of introspection. Yesterday I discussed why I’m a Little. Today I’m going to talk about the most difficult aspects about being a Little. So, here we go!

I. Slipping Into Little Space While in Public: 

There are many times when I’m out in public and something will trigger the Little side of me. It might be a Disney item, or a song that I hear in a store. But suddenly I shift and I feel the urge to “baby babble” (softly of course). I reach for my Daddy’s hand. Thankfully, my Daddy and I have set up a “code” for moments like this, where all I have to say is, “little, little” and he knows that I’m slipping into a Little head space. But there are times when I want to play on the playground equipment, or dance up and down the grocery aisles to a song I hear on the speakers, or press my face to the aquarium glass display with absolute awe and let my inner Little shine…. but I feel too shy to do so. Those moments are difficult. As time continues to roll by, slowly I’m overcoming those obstacles.

II. Explaining to “Vanilla People” about DDLG and Cg/l Stuff: 

I have long stood by the rule: don’t scare vanilla people. And I still believe in that strongly. However, it can be tricky talking to vanilla friends about my DDLG lifestyle. I find myself stumbling a bit as I try to explain that I’m a Little, but there is certainly an adult part of me. And yes, I do have and wear onesies and overalls, but I also wear adult clothing too like everyone else. It’s a process to make someone who is so used to the “vanilla” aspects of life understand a lifestyle that, simply put, is not.

III. Feeling Upset or Angry While in Little Space: 

Just the other day I was shopping with my daddy when I knelt down in the shoe store helping him pick out a new pair of boots. I was moving quickly, as the store was packed, when all of a sudden I turned my arm just so and the cardboard shoe box cut my wrist! I felt an instant burn from the paper cut and winced. “Boo boo!” I gasped and began to whimper. I didn’t mean to slip into Little Space, but there are times when it just happens. This is especially true if I’m feeling ill or get banged up. The “inner child” comes out longing to be coddled and cared for.

Similarly, when I’m feeling angry…. or perhaps I’ve been pondering things in my mind and they make me feel upset? Suddenly, my bottom lip pokes out and I might stand there with my head down silently. My Daddy knows in those moments when I have a case of the grumps, to give me extra love and attention. I’m not usually one to throw a temper tantrum. Instead, I get mopey and “clam up”. But he easily breaks down those walls and helps me to obey and open up my feelings to him.

IV. And Finally– Keeping Up with the Cg/l Lifestyle When Life Gets Busy: 

Life happens. Stress happens. Adult issues happen. People get sick. Money becomes tight. Family annoys us. It’s all a part of this crazy roller coaster of life. But, I’ve found that when I intentionally make time for Little Space, that I reduce my stress. I push the pause button on my adult life and just have fun! I make space to be Little by watching an animated movie, or I write a letter of love to someone I care about. I listen to music that I find uplifting, or I roleplay in my favorite video game (Guild Wars 2!). It can be difficult finding the time and energy at the end of the day to be Little. If you’re feeling that way, know that you’re NOT alone and I totally understand.

But I would encourage you to take baby steps towards nurturing the Little side of you again as soon as you’re able. Make yourself a Little Space snack. Discreetly wear something colorful, glittery, etc. that brings a smile to your face, simply because you can. Never apologize for being who you are. 🙂 Do this, and you won’t go wrong.

Sending much love to you today and everyday, my friends, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

~Penny Xx

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