Day 4 of Little Introspection: Is it Easy or Difficult to Fall into Little Space?

Hi Friends!

Today I’ll be discussing how I get into the Little head space and what aspects make it easy or difficult to do so. To answer this question, “Is it easy or difficult to fall into little space?” in a nutshell: it’s completely dependent on my environment. When I’m yearning to be Little, it’s usually because I’ve gone hours and hours being “Big Me”. By the end of the day my soul yearns to take a hiatus from my adult life and just be Little. I might begin to whine softly to my Daddy, or tug on his hand and say our code phrase, “little little”. This indicates to him that I’m in need of some Little Space time. Having been a Little for several years now (openly), I’ve discovered a few things that make it easier or more difficult for me to get into the head space. Maybe you can relate to a few of these? 🙂 :

I. It’s difficult to get into Little Space when I have a pressing adult issue on my mind. 

If I’m thinking about bills, rent, money, or any other adult issue, it’s very difficult for me to slip into Little Space. I’ve found that the best way to combat this stress is to either tackle my adult issue prior to going Little, or to decompress with my Daddy first, and then slip into the head space. While the issue may not be resolved, at least the emotional burden of it is off of my chest. That allows me to enter the head space alleviated enough to fill with happiness again and just relax.

II. It’s easy to get into Little Space when I surround myself with items that remind me of being Little. 

While I am a minimalist, there are a few items that I always keep around me to remind myself of my Little side. I always sleep with 2 plushies and my blankie. My tea is stored in a Peter Rabbit tin. My clothing is bright and colorful. And I often wear headbands that have glitter or something pretty adorned to them. I weave my Little side into my adult life which gives me an anchor when I want to fully slip into the head space.

III. It’s difficult to get into Little Space when vanilla family needs me. 

I will never prioritize my Little Space over family or friends. That said, as a type-A personality, I thrive on scheduling things in my life. I make enough space to maintain healthy relationships with family and friends, and to have time in Little Space too. It can be difficult to keep everything in balance when life gets busy or chaotic. And there have been moments where I’ve had to place a “pause” on Little Space time because my family has needed my attention. But I never stop being a Little. It’s a part of who I am. It’s rooted in my DNA. So, I’ve simply had to learn that as long as I’m making space for everything that I prioritize in my life (including Little Space time), then it will all come together in the end.

IV. It’s easy to get into Little Space when I’m with my Daddy. 

I feel blessed and grateful to have a dominant who is just as passionate about our lifestyle as I am. My Daddy takes our D/s bond seriously and works hard to support us being a couple. He helps to nurture our bond by playing a very active role in my life. I look to him for guidance and comfort in my every day life. I don’t need to be wearing my onesies for him to do our “lovie routine” before bed, or for him to cut my sandwich into bite sized pieces (because he knows that will make me feel small). I don’t need to prompt him to call me Kitten. He simply does because that’s how he sees me. Just as I call him Daddy, because that’s who he is, he calls me Kitten because when he looks at me he sees his submissive. It’s wonderful, refreshing, and deeply fulfilling.

I love it when I’m in my adult head space and suddenly he will make a comment such as, “hold my hand, kitten, before we cross the street”. It gives me a sudden shift and my Little voice comes out, I get a bounce in my step, and we skip together to cross the street hand in hand. He knows exactly what to say to make me feel small. And because he cherishes our bond just as much as I do, he assumes the role of dominant without much intentional effort.

V. It’s easy to get into Little Space when I get a “boo boo” or feel icky. 

Life happens. Bumps and bruises happen. Monthly periods happen. And it’s easy to feel icky when these things occur. I’ve found that when I’m feeling under the weather, or I get a bump or bruise, I’m more inclined to slip into Little Space as I seek the comfort and care from my Daddy, versus nurturing myself as an adult. My natural inclination is to poke out my bottom lip and run into his arms for a band-aid instead of taking care of myself. Can I take care of myself if he’s not around? Of course, and I do so if I’m alone. But if he’s with me, it’s far more comforting to be cared for by my Daddy than to care for myself.

At this point in our relationship, my Daddy knows my monthly cycle down to the very day that it begins. He pulls out the heating pad, purchases my favorite treats, and snuggles up in bed complete with Netflix, to keep me happy and comfortable. We sing Disney songs while holding hands, and he pulls my head onto his lap. It’s the little things that like that help keep “Little Me” alive and well.

So, what about you? 🙂 Do you find it easy or difficult to slip into Little Space? Are there tips and tricks that you use to make space for being Little? Comment and let me know! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, and until then, have a wonderful day everyone!

~Penny xx

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