Day 5 of Little Introspection: What is the Most Enjoyable Aspect About Being a Little?

Hi Friends!

A very Happy Thursday to you! We’re almost to the weekend, and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to slow down. 🙂 That said, today I’m sharing what is the most enjoyable aspect about being a Little. For everyone I’m sure this answer is different. For me, the answer is simple: mental freedom. I am a person who naturally plans. In fact, much of my day revolves around a tight, structured schedule. From the moment I wake up I move in the same, patterned list of activities. I have a well-defined morning and evening routine. I watch the clock to ensure that I am keeping a steady pace as I move through my day.

But Little Space isn’t like that.

When I’m in Little Space everything lets go. I can be playful and silly. I especially love singing when I’m in a Little head space. My daddy calls me Kitten. It’s a name that I graduated to after he trained me to be his submissive. I began as Mouse when we first came together. He wanted to give me a name that made me feel small and unsure. Qualities that, in reality, I’m not. My adult side is a strong, badass, feminist who is not afraid to take care of business. But “Little Me” is different. It is quiet, musical, and curious. So, after training I became Kitten.

The name was befitting because I naturally have qualities like a cat. I love daily snuggle time. I burrow in my blankets and pillows until only the top of my head shows. I nuzzle my daddy’s hand when he goes to rub my cheek. And over time, I’ve developed my own “baby babble” which actually sounds like a cross between a playful child and a feisty cat. Yet, in that head space I feel so authentically me. It’s as though my soul has come out to play. It moves to the forefront of my brain and I simply feel.

Emotions run on high without rational thought to keep them in check. I dance, sing, twirl, and make jokes. Oh! Here’s a joke for you:

What do you call a submissive vegetable?

Answer: A collar-ed green! 😀

I like jokes like that. That make me giggle hard. When I’m in Little Space, I have moments like that all the time. I don’t have to make my speech and thoughts concise and clear. I can babble aloud, while thinking my fluid thoughts. Perhaps to the listener they might not make sense, but my daddy never makes me feel badly if he doesn’t understand. Instead, we engage in a game of charades whilst I meow and babble until he finally understands what I’m trying to say. It’s a game for him and for me alike.

Then there are other times where I get mental freedom from going into Little Space by simply being quiet. The adult side of me is “on” so often. I’m expected to lead and to know what to say. I have to keep a running list of reminders and ensure that appointments are attended. But Little Me doesn’t have to do any of those things. I can be quiet, still, and calm. I can snuggle on my daddy’s chan (stomach) and watch a movie, or relish as he plays with my hair.

This is why mental freedom, the ability to unwind completely and just be me, is the very thing that I love so much about being a Little. It’s who I am, and I wouldn’t change a thing. 🙂

How about YOU? What is the most enjoyable aspect for you about being a Little? Sending much love to you today, and every day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

~Penny xx


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