Day 6 of Little Introspection: Do You Have a Mommy or Daddy? And If So, Why?

Good Morning Friends!

We are on day 6 of this Little Introspection, and today I am discussing my Daddy! šŸ™‚ I love talking about him so this is a fun question to reflect upon. Now let’s dive in. Do I have a Daddy or Mommy? I do! I have a Daddy who is also my husband of 6 years. Now why do I have a Daddy? That is a question that takes much more thought. I have long shared that you don’t need to have a dominant to be a Little. In fact, there are many ways to thrive as a solo Little. And I still stand by that belief. That said, today I will dive into why I have a Daddy. My Daddy wasn’t the first dominant that I’ve ever had.

When I met my previous dominant, I was brand new to the lifestyle. I knew nothing and therefore wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a dom. I soon discovered that I was a Little, and leaned heavily on my Master. My ex-dom was more of the Master style, versus being a Daddy. I relished having someone who craved being with me. Who made space to talk to me regularly, and demanded that I open up to him. I can be quite shy at times, and need a push (or two) from a dominant to break down my walls. He did just that. He was also Korean, which I admit I find extremely attractive.

Through my time with him I learned the comfort, strength, and guidance that comes with being in a D/s relationship. I discovered that I wanted someone to guide my life, especially in the areas where I naturally am weak. As the relationship came to a close, my Daddy stepped in offering to fill that role. Fast forward 3 years to today. I can safely answer why I have a Daddy.

  • I have a Daddy because as a Little it makes me feel comforted to have someone mature like him to guide me, and nurture the Little Me inside.
  • I have a Daddy, because I love meeting his needs and desire to care for a submissive so intimately. I fulfill that and more.
  • I have a dominant because I love exploring all of our kinks and fetishes together in a safe, private manner that we share with each other exclusively.
  • I have a dominant because it’s a relationship that falls in line with my natural inclinations towards having more traditional gender roles.
  • I have a dominant because being in a D/s relationship actually makes me feel more free, the more I submit and give up control to him.

I hope this post inspires you to think about why you have a dominant. Take time to show your Mommy or Daddy just how much you love and care for them. It isn’t easy being a dominant and shouldering the responsibility of your sub. However, taking a few precious moments to say, “thank you for loving me the way you do” goes a long, long way with your dom. Trust me. Have a beautiful Friday everyone! ā¤

~Penny xx

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