Day 7 of Little Introspection: Do You Need a Caregiver to Be a Little?

Good Morning Friends!

Today is Day 7 of Little Introspection and we are diving into a question that I see floating around the Cg/l community often: do you need a dom to be a Little? In short, the answer is no. No, no, no! You are a Little because it is who you are. It’s the fabric of your DNA. It’s the way you’re hard-wired to think in certain patterns, and respond to situations and environments in the manner that you do. You are a Little simply because you’re you! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s dive in deeper:

I. A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell Just as Sweet. 

Just as Shakespeare wrote this famous quote in “Romeo and Juliet”, so too, does the same meaning apply to you as a Little. Whether you call yourself a Little, Middle, an A.B., or any other title, you are who you are. The way that you’re drawn to youthful things such as: movies, plushies, clothing, etc. would remain the same whether you have a dominant or not. For years I had wondered why I enjoyed Disney movies long after my biological “early childhood” years had ended. I wondered if it was strange that I was in my 20’s and yet wanted to wear Minnie Mouse pajamas. I am a Little because it’s who I am inside. Just as you are a Little, and are attracted to certain things, because it’s who you are. Those feelings are entirely separate from having a caregiver and will remain with you whether you’re in a D/s relationship or not.

II. Having a Dominant Does Not Guarantee Happiness. 

Too often I see Littles who are so desperate for a caregiver that they settle on picking a partner who isn’t in a healthy mindset to lead as their dominant. Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility, and takes an individual who is mature, understanding, knowledgeable, wise, patient, honest, and loyal to be able to care for their Little. Generally speaking, Littles have a tender heart that breaks easily when their daddy or mommy doesn’t treat them right. The best advice I can give to you is to know who you are, and what you want in a dominant, BEFORE you enter into a D/s relationship. This is important and ensures that when you do create a bond with your dominant, that it will be one that lasts. 

III. Making Friends with Other Littles Helps When You’re a Solo Little. 

Just like any other lifestyle out there, having friends in the community (especially when you don’t have a dominant) helps tremendously when you’re a solo Little. I am naturally a shy person. However, it has been such a joy meeting people on Instagram (@daddyandpennyberry) and online as well. I love reading comments left here by all of you, and to answer emails sent to me privately. It makes my day. I also love attending events in the Cg/l community and connecting through other social media platforms. Baby step your way into meeting others and I promise that you won’t regret it. Us, Littles, love making new friends! 🙂

IV. Know That You Are Enough. 

I want to leave you with this final thought and reflection. Who you are as a person is enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Little Boy or a Little Girl. It doesn’t matter what pronoun you prefer. You are enough! You are beautiful, unique, and special just the way you are. When the right fit for a dominant comes along, you’ll know. Take the time to enjoy being your special self as a Little, here and today, whether you’re in a Cg/l relationship or not. Soak up the time. Savor life because it’s so worth it. My wish for you is that you embrace all of you, every quirk, curve, smile, and babble that you make. Love yourself completely so that the world can love you too. And until then, keep on smiling! ❤

~Penny xx

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