Day 9 of Little Introspection: Are You Interested in Other Subpaths of Submission?

Hi Friends!

I was reflecting this morning on how I’m such a creature of routine. There are certain sounds that bring a smile to my face first thing in the morning. The click of the teapot warming. The clink of my unicorn mug setting down on the counter and the plunk of a Builders teabag as it enters my kawaii mug. As I sit here noshing on pan de sal and a warm cup of tea for brekkie, I’m reflecting on the beautiful balance of “Big Me” and “Little Me”. I am a Little, but at times I feel more of a Middle. And yet, there are times when my soul yearns to submit in other ways. I long for a delicious spanking from my Daddy because I know that it will excite me in a way nothing else can. I whimper to be tied up and spanked with the crop so I can dance between the line of pain and pleasure.

There are other times where, (since my submissive name is Kitten), I curl up on my Daddy’s lap and babble as we snuggle in for a movie. I mentally let go of cohesive thoughts and being concise with my meaning, and instead embrace my submissive name fully. I purr softly and meow as I bat my hazel eyes up at him. His cocoa-colored fingers stroke my collar as he smirks and I know that he is enjoying himself just as much as I am.

Still, there are other times where, in the privacy of our bedroom I yearn to submit even deeper. The rush I feel from losing total control thrills me as I kneel before him in silence. He takes me, like that of a slave, and does what he wants with me. He’ll slip a sundress over my head, leaving my form exposed underneath so that his hands have access to my body when he pleases. In the minutes and hours of silence that I serve like that of a slave, I can be quiet, at peace, and calm. I don’t need to think. I can simply be. My only job is to listen to Daddy and obey. I love to obey him.

Mostly, I’m a Little. A joyful, talkative, happy, silly, Little. But my point in this introduction is that it’s perfectly fine and “normal” to have interests in other forms of submission. Play around and experiment with what interests you. Read and learn about each path to see if anything sparks joy and intrigue. And now without further delay, let’s look at the different forms of submission:

Forms of Submission: 

  1. A Traditional Submissive (D/s): This type of submissive is usually in a mature D/s relationship. They enter the relationship with a contract binding to their dominant. They can be in a full-time, live-in relationship, or on a part-time basis. There are other submissives who have a contract with their dominant that involves them submitting only during play sessions. However, the dynamic of this form of submission is more adult in nature.
  2. Slave: A slave is someone who voluntarily surrenders all form of control to their dominant. Many times a slave will live with their dominant and adheres to their Master’s desires which include: their preferred attire, daily schedule and routine, financial matters, etc. There are M/s couples who are married and thrive in this type of relationship because the level of surrendering is so freeing for the slave. I should note that if you’re interested in an M/s relationship, that you do plenty of research on reading up on the relationship dynamics. Many times Masters will have rules on how to address people, when to speak, etc. While this path is a deep form of submission, it can be a very rewarding lifestyle for those who find a healthy M/s relationship.
  3. Gorean Kajira: This form of submission originated from the “Gor” book series by: John Norman. Within this series, women were depicted as slaves. They wore a uniform that flattered their body. They knew dances and positions of submission that they were taught by other veteran kajira. Fans of the series began to pull inspiration from the series into real life and created a Gorean society in the real world. They created a basic training for men and women who wish to become kajira. While this group represents a smaller sector of the BDSM community, they are fiercely loyal to their lifestyle and have a deep respect for tradition.
  4. Pleasure Slave: There are some submissives who are bound to their Master simply for pleasure on both sides. The subpath of a pleasure slave does just that. He or She will usually abstain from doing domestic chores, instead keeping their body clean, and ready for pleasure at all times. Some pleasure slaves have a live-in arrangement with their master, while others have a meet-up schedule. The purpose of the pleasure slave is to create an illusion of a slave who is fully nude (except for their collar), completely ready, willing, and able to service their Master at all times.
  5. Masochist: A Masochist is the counter-part to a Sadist, and is someone who relishes a form of pain to achieve arousal and climax. There are a number of punishment implements and tools used in the world of BDSM in which masochists enjoy. The range in which a masochists is punished can vary widely and may or may not include full bondage. The mindset of a masochist is the thrill of having their dominant edge them ever closer along the line of pain and pleasure so that it is deeply arousing without hurting them completely. They enjoy pushing their body to its limits to reach orgasm through a variety of methods. In turn, the Sadist (or person who enjoys punishing their submissive), gets fulfillment out of controlling their sub’s pleasure with each spank, smack, paddle, etc. It’s an intimate dance between the pair each time they come together for sex.
  6. Taken In Hand Submission: This form of submission is rooted in the Christian Bible and takes on a more traditional form of submission. In this arrangement, the submissive is often married to the dominant whom is considered the Head of Household (HoH). Traditional gender roles are implied, as the wife stays home to care for the family and house, while the husband works to provide for his family. Reference to this form of submission can be found in the Bible. As stated in Ephesians 5:22-24:22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

    23 For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Savior of the body.

    24 Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

  7. Caregiver/little, Daddy Dom/little, Mommy Domme/little: This subpath is the form of submission where the dominant assumes the role of a caregiver and the submissive regresses in age to become a Little. Within the Little Community there are three general age brackets that people fall across the spectrum of being a little: an adult baby, a little (elementary age), and a middle (adolescent age). A Little is a legal adult who voluntarily submits and regresses in age (mentally) to a specific or general age. Then, if the little has a caregiver, they will be cared for and nurtured by their dominant. Most littles do have general rules to follow as set forth by their daddy or mommy. However, unlike other forms of submission, littles often have designated times in which they will enter “Little Space” (or the little mindset). Most times, they are adults with normal lives who have this wonderful, special part of themselves that they let out when with their little friends or their caregiver. 🙂
  8. Pets: This form of submission is a lifestyle in which a person assumes the role of a pet to their Owner. Many times submissives will feel a deep kinship with their preferred pet-of-choice long before they dive into the lifestyle. There is an erotic and sensual element to having a human pet when the submissive dons special attire to give them animal-like features and engages in Pet Play. While this form of submission, sadly is mistaken for bestiality in the larger vanilla world, is in actual reality a deep bond of love and trust between the Owner and their pet. The relationship may or may not be sexual in nature. Many pets simply get a thrill out of the mental release that only comes from entering a primal state of mind and embodying their pet mindset. They can slip into this role and take a hiatus from their human selves to play, snuggle, and love on their Owner.

As you can see, the world of submission is vast and diverse. If you’re interested in other forms of submission outside of the Cg/l community, I encourage you to read and explore your interests. There is nothing wrong with being a “Hybrid Little”. Discuss your feelings with your dominant (if applicable). And then move forward together as a couple to find what works right for you. Life is short. do what makes you happy and enjoy the ride. 🙂 Stay tuned for the next post, and have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

~Penny xx

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