Day 13 of Little Introspection: What Are Some Phrases Your Dominant Says That Puts You in Little Space?

Hi Friends!

We’re back with Day 13 of Little Introspection, and today I want to share with you phrases that my Daddy says to put me into Little Space. One of the best things about having a daddy or mommy, is having a partner who treats you like a Little. It’s one thing to feel little inside, but having someone who coddles you, wraps you up in blankets, and smothers you with kisses all while talking to you like a baby, deeply enhances the experience of being small.

Let’s take today for example. I woke up with a head cold. I’m one of those people who just suffers in cold weather. So when I woke up with a scratchy throat, runny nose, and a headache I knew today was a rest day. Sure, I could have gotten myself orange juice and tea. But my Daddy quickly filled my unicorn mug with tea, yanked a hoodie over my head, and slathered my nose with Vicks Vapor Rub, all while saying, “now hold still for daddy”. It’s moments like that makes me smile and feel little and deeply loved. Now let’s look at some other phrases that my daddy says that makes me feel little:

I. While Out in Public: 

  • “Walk on the inside, kitten. I don’t want you getting hurt” (while walking in a parking lot) 
  • “Hold daddy’s hand before we cross the street”
  • “Would you like a special treat today? You’ve been such a good girl”.
  • “Let daddy pick out a special outfit for you to try on.”
  • “Okay, which snackie would you like dada to buy, kitten?”
  • “Let’s wipe your paws before we push the grocery cart. I don’t want you getting germies”.
  • “Would you like dada to push you on the swing?”
  • “Let’s go feed the animals, kit-cat!” (going to the petting zoo near our house)
  • “Let daddy buckle you up. All little girls need to be safe in their car seat”. (buckling me up in the car) 
  • “You look so pretty today, kitten!”

II. At Home: 

  • “Say ahhhh…” (feeding me snackies or taking my temperature if I’m sick) 
  • “Come snuggle on dada’s chest”
  • “Dada put sockies on your toe-toes so they won’t get cold”
  • “Would you like dada to cut up your food into kitten-sized bites?”
  • “It’s your turn to pick out the movie, kitten. What would you like to watch?”
  • “A kiss for mutsy… a kiss for ellie…. blankie near your head… and a kiss for my kitten” (tucking me into bed 🙂 ) 
  • “Come snuggle on daddy’s lap.”
  • “Kitten, would you like to jump-jump on the trampoline with dada?”
  • “Daddy and kitten, having their tea time!” (singing to me as he prepares our tea) 
  • “Come on, kitten. It’s time to wash your fur” (leading me to the shower)

III. In the Bedroom: 

  • “Who’s daddy’s special girl?”
  • “Spread your legs for dada, Kitten…”
  • “I love the way you smell, kit-cat…”
  • “And this is mine… (kisses) And this is mine…. (kisses)
  • “On your knees, Kitten”

Those are just a handful of phrases that my daddy says to me on a regular basis to make me feel Little. We’ve learned how to navigate being discreet while still being D/s out in public. What are some phrases that your mommy or daddy says to you? Comment and let me know! I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday! Smash that like button if you enjoyed this, and tune back here tomorrow for the next topic! 🙂

Much love to you,

~Penny xx

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